A New Way to Protect Your Boat

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Rollers

WhamGuard products are different.  They were created out of frustration and necessity for a better solution than traditional vertical dock post rollers. WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are easy to install and actually roll to help guide your boat safely in and out of the boat slip.  You can watch how they work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYUh3EO-bhIOrange and Black WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers mounted on dock post

Attaching the WhamGuard rollers is simple and one person can attach a single roller in about 10 minutes.  The components of the bumpers and bushing are lightweight, but durable.  And they can easily be installed or removed or adjusted as needed.  Color variety allows for several combinations that will compliment your boat or even make your boat slip easier to find in a crowded marina.

This video demonstrates how easy they are to install:  Installation Video


Damaged & warped vertical dock post roller

Traditional vertical dock post roller with typical damage and warping. No longer provides adequate protection.

Most Vertical Dock Post Rollers don’t Work

Traditional vertical dock post rollers are minimally effective at protecting your boat and dock.  Unfortunately, they seldom “roll” to help your boat line up in the boat slip.  They are basically a steel bar covered by oil field piping.  Hit these hard enough & you will possibly damage your boat, but the vertical dock post roller will end up warped & wonky.  They are awkward and heavy making them challenging to install.





Affordable Premium Boat & Dock Protection

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers won’t break the bank.  They remain an affordable option instead of the traditional vertical dock post roller.  One complete roller retails for $124.99 on line plus shipping and handling for dock post sizes 2″ and 2.5″.  If you have a 4″ post, the online retail is 149.99.  Visit the WhamGuard store and order yours today!