Made in the USA

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Premium Boat &
Dock Protection

Rotating Bumpers That Perform and Look Great!

Don’t Slam Hard, Get a WhamGuard!

Make your dock a stress free zone. WhamGuard absorbs, rotates, corrects, and protects boats when launching and docking.

Why WhamGuard is Your Best Choice:

Easy Installation

Do It Yourself in Minutes

Quality Materials

15 Year UV Protection and Rotomolded with High Density Polyethylene

Color Options Available

Rotating Bumper

Protection Where You Need It.

Made in the USA

Patent Pending

“We had WhamGuard installed this summer, and really like it because it is simple, unobtrusive and it works.  Wes put it on in about one hour and we were very happy with the cost.  We happily recommend this product.”

–Mark Rosellini

“I have been super impressed with this product; super durable and the all plastic exterior eliminates any possibility of scuffing your boat.  It gives your dock a much cleaner look than other products since the mounting mechanism is hidden.  This is a superior product!”

–Charle Wagner