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“Wes and Ray installed Wham Guard rollers on my dock when they were there installing my new boat lift. I really like these. They seem like they will help save scuffs and scrapes on a windy day. My dock is out in the open and catches a lot of wind. I can’t wait to see how they work.”
B. Scott, OK – Written Testimonial, October 2019


“Very easy and fast to install!!!! Work very well and they look good on top of that. Makes my houseboat a lot easier to get docked.”
T. Brown, AR – Written Testimonial, August 2019


“Product is easy to install and looks like it will work well. Issue is hardware that ships with the WhamGuard. Ordered 4 and each box was missing a washer or nut. Also this should all be galvanized for boat docks. Plan to add your own hardware for a complete premium product.
Update: Product works great and WhamGuard contacted me offering to rectify the missing hardware issue after reading the review. Mistakes happen, and this is a sign of a quality company.”
J. Dwyer –  5 star Google Review July 2019

Owner response:  Thank you for your review & feedback. The quality & experience of our products is something very important to us. We apologize for the missing hardware and have taken quality control steps internally to ensure that it is not an ongoing issue. Thank you for helping us make our customer experience better. If there is anything else we can do, please contact us at info@whamguard.com.


“Love our new Wham Guards!”
J. Roberts – 5 star Google Review 2018


“Very impressive solution for rough docking conditions. Easy to install and looks like it will much more durable than other products.”
C. Woodall – 5 star Google Review 2018


“I have been super impressed with this product; super durable and the all plastic exterior eliminates any possibility of scuffing your boat. It gives your dock a much cleaner look than other products since the mounting mechanism is hidden. This is a superior product!”
C. Wagner – 5 star Google Review 2018


“We had Whamguard installed this summer, and really like it because it is simple, unobtrusive and it works…put it on in about one hour and we were very happy with the cost. We happily recommend this product.”
C. Dishon – 5 star Google Review 2018