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Dock Roller Bumpers that Work!

Most dock roller bumpers don’t work all that well.  Sometimes they roll, sometimes they don’t.  They are often wonky and hard/heavy to install.  WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers solves this problem. WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are a lightweight, affordable alternative to traditional boat dock roller bumpers.

Premium Boat & Dock Protection

Most boat owners want one thing when they are ending a fun day on the lake.  They want to dock their boat in the boat slip without damaging their boat or the the dock.  That’s where WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers can help.  They not only surround the metal post with marine grade polyethylene plastic, they actually rotate or roll when they come in contact with the boat.  Other boat dock rollers are mostly “rollers” in name only.  Sometimes the roll when they come in contact with the boat.  Sometimes they don’t.

Things to Know

WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are an innovative, patent pending design that fills a void in the boat protection marketplace.  Other options have been heavy, clunky and hard to install.  WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers weigh in at less than 10 pounds.  All components, other than the hardware, float.  One person with a wrench can install a set (two complete rollers) in less than 15 minutes.  Read that again, LESS than 15 minutes.  Not a lot of equipment or time involved.  They can be placed for protection where you need it.  The dimensions are 13.5″ x 13.5″.  They are made of heavy-duty, marine grade poly-ethylene roto molded plastic.

Protection Where you Need it

With other dock roller bumpers, they are often 4′-6′ long.  Most boats end up striking a 12″ area on the roller which makes the rest of the roller unnecessary.  That was the inspiration for WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers.  Why have a heavy 4′-6′ roller when only one foot of the dock is what needs to be protected.  Also, once you have spent half a day and an ample amount of cursing to attach the heavy roller, if you move docks you will likely not want to take them with you.  With WhamGuard rotating bumpers, if you get a new boat & need to reposition them, it’s easy.  If you move to a new boat dock and want to take them with you, no problem!  Find out how to get your today: