Black WhamGuard boat dock roller bumper

Black WhamGuard Boat Dock Roller Bumper.  Don’t slam hard. Get WhamGuard!

Boat Dock Roller Bumpers that Work!

WhamGuard manufacturers boat dock roller bumpers that work to protect your boat and dock when entering or exiting the boat slip.  What makes WhamGuard boat dock rollers unique is the proprietary way they work. Inside is a bushing that attaches directly to a 2″ square, round or 2.5″ square post.  The outer bumper sits on top of the bushing and is super easy to install.  See how they work

Wow! Great Idea

The idea to design WhamGuard boat dock roller bumpers was born out of necessity.  As are most things.  After many years of being on Oklahoma lakes and seeing traditional vertical dock post bumper that look like this:

Yellow vertical boat dock roller bumper

Traditional vertical dock post roller that is scuffed and warped. Measuring tape shows repeated strikes in 12″ area.


The idea to create a strong, yet lightweigt & easy to install post protection was born.  Most traditional vertical dock post rollers are 4′-6′ long.  Thing is, as you can see in the photo, most boats only run into 12″ or 1′ of the vertical roller.  WhamGuard rotating boat dock roller bumpers are 13.5″x13.5″ spheres that can be placed in the area where the boat is most likely to strike the post.

Two Blue Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers attached on a boat dock post

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers look great while providing boat and dock protection where you need it most.





Easy to Install

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are so easy to install, one person can install a complete bumper in under 10 min.  Everything with the exception of the hardware floats too!  If you drop a traditional vertical post bumper in the water, it will sink.  Fast.  Installation is a two-person job.  Not with WhamGuard.  Attach it easily to your boat dock in under ten minutes then get to the business of enjoying the lake!

How to Order

When ordering your WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumper, you will want to make sure to measure your post size.  There are currently three post sizes available, 2″round, 2″ square and 2.5″ square.  The design for 3″ and 4″ square should be ready by boating season 2022.  All components are USA manufactured and shipped.  To order your WhamGuards you can click this link:  BUY NOW