Most Boat Dock Rollers Don’t Work

It’s true!  Most boat dock rollers don’t work as advertised.  They are heavy, they are wonky and expensive!  WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers were designed specifically to address common issues and complaints about traditional boat dock rollers.  Wes Hamilton, owner and inventor of WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers, came up with the idea after almost a decade of servicing boat owners with new lifts and yes, those clunky old boat dock rollers.  In fact, he still refers to them as overpriced boat dock anchors

Get WhamGuard

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers aim to solve the problem of ineffective boat dock rollers.  They are incredibly easy to install.  Each complete bumper, including the hardware weighs less than 10 pounds.  All of the the components float! (other than the bolts and nuts).  So WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers would NOT make a good boat anchor.  In addition, WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers look great!  They come in assorted colors.  Yes, you read that right, assorted colors.  Check them out by going to this link:  Gallery  where you can see your options.  Options with the other guys?  Yellow. Well, maybe black too.  AND!  WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are reasonably priced!  A set of Rotating Bumpers will cost around $250.  If you want two sets (recommended by WhamGuard) it will cost you around $500.  That’s it.  You don’t even have to pay for installation unless you want to.  But you really shouldn’t, they are SUPER EASY to put on.  Each roller takes less than 15 minutes to put on your dock post.

Don’t Slam Hard

Really?  A product that works as advertised?  WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are a welcome addition to a boat and dock protection market that until now has been lacking in products that really do protect boats.  The Rotating Bumpers work by rotating as the boat makes contact to deflect the blow and help align the boat in the boat slip properly.  Boat dock rollers in the past only have worked sometimes.  Most of the time they have become distorted and twisted because the part where the boat makes contact is actually the weakest part of the structure.  WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are attached directly to the boat dock post.  Arguably the STRONGEST part of the boat dock.  They won’t dent or bend like the other vertical boat dock rollers.