Two Blue Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers attached on a boat dock post

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are boat dock rollers providing protection where you need it most.

Boat Dock Protection Shouldn’t be so Hard

You’ve got the boat.  You’ve built or rented a boat slip.  Now it’s time to get out on the lake and enjoy your investment.  Backing out of slip, you are nervous.  Don’t want to hit the post.  Start screaming at your wife, partner, kids to “get back there and make sure I don’t hit that post!” Or maybe you are coming in.  “Everyone get to the front and make sure I don’t hit those posts!”  You NEED boat dock protection.  Correction, you need boat AND dock protection.  Let’s see what the options are.

Vertical Boat Dock Rollers

For a long time, the vertical boat dock roller was the best, if not only, boat dock protection available.  The main manufacturer of these rollers was Ryan-O rollers.  They are still available on the market, but there are other variations now that the patent life has expired.  A set of these will cost anywhere from $350-$700 per set depending on the size and manufacturer.  These are heavy, and are not easy to install.  While they are helpful, with multiple strikes, it’s not uncommon for them to bend, bow or damage boats if you are unlucky enough to run into one of the exposed metal brackets.

yellow vertical boat dock roller

Vertical boat dock roller that’s been scuffed and warped.  Note the black area on the yellow roller.  That is the only area that the boat is striking.  There is no need for such a large coverage area.

How are WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers Different?

Well for one thing, they are entirely make of marine grade polyethylene plastic.  They are lightweight, a complete assembly weighs less than 10 pounds.  So one person can EASILY install a WhamGuard boat dock roller in less than 10 minutes.  All the metal is safely tucked inside the bumper assemble so there is no exposed metal to damage your boat.  They provide boat dock post protection AND boat protection because they “roll”.  Every time.  The rolling effect deflects the boat and helps to line it up during docking and launching.  The traditional vertical boat dock rollers roll sometimes, and as they age, begin to warp or bow.  So if long term boat dock protection is what you are looking for WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers may actually be a better choice.  Plus they are as easy to uninstall as they are to install.  If you get a new boat dock or move boat slips you can easily take them with you.

Boat with WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers provide protection for both the boat and dock.  They roll to guide the boat safely into or out of the boat slip.

Where to Get WhamGuard & What you Need to Know

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are available on line at the WhamGuard store.  There are also several retailers that carry WhamGuard in their ship shop.  When ordering WhamGuard you will need to know the dock post size you are planning to mount the boat dock roller to.  WhamGuard bushings, the internal attachment that mounts to the post, currently come in three sizes:  2″ square, 2″ round or 2.5″ square.  If you need help determining the post size, you can watch the installation video to see how to measure, or give us a call at 918=416-1600.