Orange & Black sets of WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers mounted on 2.5" boat dock posts.

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are boat dock rollers that work and look great!

Boat Dock Roller Bumpers

We’ve heard the WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers called many things.  They are bumpers, they are rollers, they are boat dock roller bumpers.  We like to call them rotating bumpers.  First, that’s because it describes exactly what they do.  They are bumpers that rotate to safely guide your boat into it’s boat slip.  While they are similar to boat dock rollers, they have some distinct advantages and differences.

What’s the Difference?

Most boat dock roller bumpers don’t work as advertised.  Most of them make pretty good bumpers, however just a bumper can still cause significant damage to a boat.  While it will obviously absorb more force than the steel post (which will REALLY damage the boat) it still amounts to plastic covering steel.  WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers do more than this.  They actually absorb the force of impact and roll the boat forward into the slip helping to line it up on it’s boat lift or get it centered to tie off.  Historically, most other available boat dock roller bumpers don’t work this way.  Many vertical boat dock rollers which have the word “rollers” in their name usually don’t roll.  Instead, if you hit them with your boat often enough, these rollers actually contort and become an ineffective and potentially damaging device that cost about $700 for the set.

WhamGuard are Better Boat Dock Roller Bumpers

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are spherical bumpers that absorb the impact of the boat and then roll to help guide the boat into the boat slip.  It’s easy really.  WhamGuard is affordable too.  A set (2 balls) of WhamGuard is around $250.  They are a 13.5″ x 13.5″ sphere.  This is important because most v-hull boats on inland lakes know exactly where the “trouble spot” on the dock is.  It’s not usually 6 feet of strike zone.  It’s usually about 12″.  So many boat owners will be able to get away with only 2.  However, if you have a boat in an area that is rough, or your boat is particularly large, you may want to go with 2 sets stacked.  This costs around $500.  Still considerably less than most other options out there.

More Advantages to WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers

So to summarize, WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are boat dock roller bumpers that truly work, they are compact and affordable.  They also come in a variety of eye-popping colors.  Red, blue, orange, black & white are available to customize your look to complement your boat or favorite team.  The bumpers and all the attachments are amazingly lightweight too!  Each ball weighs less than 10 pounds and all of the components, save the hardware, float!  So if you accidently drop one in the water, you can easily retrieve it.  They are easy to install.  Only takes about 10 minutes per bumper and one person can easily install or remove them.