Boat and Dock Protection is Harder than it Looks!

If you are a boat “captain” , then it is no surprise that often the worst part of your day is the end.  Or maybe the beginning? You’ve spent the time and money to get your boat in the perfect boat slip.  Maybe you’ve even bought a boat lift to make the loading and unloading as convenient as possible.  If it just wasn’t for those dock posts.  Yeah, they keep the roof over your precious vessel. But when it comes to overall boat and dock protection, there have been limited options.

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers

Two blue WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers stacked on a boat dock post

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are boat dock rollers that provide boat and dock protection where you need it most.

These things work!  They look great and they “roll” to absorb and deflect any contact with the dock post.  These are not your traditional vertical dock post bumpers either.  They are easy to install too.  Since there are no metal brackets used to attach the bumpers, you don’t have to worry about damage from the very things that are intended to protect your boat.

Don’t Slam Hard. Get WhamGuard!

These bumpers are manufactured in the United States with marine grade polyethylene.  They will not warp or dent.  What they will do is provide a level of boat and dock protection when used under normal boating in conditions.  Currently available in 3 three post sizes:  2.5′ square, 2″ round and 2″ square.  They fit many of the dock posts commonly found on docks through midwest & southern lakes.  When installed, the diameter of the sphere is 13.5″ x 13.5″.  So from the center of the boat dock post/radius is 6.75″

How do I get These Awesome Boat Dock Rollers?

The easiest way to get WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers are to either visit one our retailers.  Or order them online at the WhamGuard shop.  They cost up to $125 per bumper.  Sometimes less depending on sales.  So a set of two, one for each post, is $250.  However, keep in mind that traditional vertical dock post rollers cost upwards of $400 per set.  And one thing we promise, you won’t spend all day installing your WhamGuards.  But those other guys…they are heavy & wonky.  You will need friends and a lot of clamps to get them on securely.  Not so with WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers.  One person can install a complete boat dock bumper in under 10 minutes.  And all the plastic pieces float!  Including the bushing attachment.  Now of course the included nuts and bolts don’t float, but that’s why we include extra!