Looking for the Best Boat Dock Bumpers?

WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers may be your solution to safely docking and leaving the boat slip.  Unlike traditional vertical boat dock rollers (Ryan-O Rollers for example) WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Bumpers fit securely to the dock post and are very easy to install.  And they rotate! Gently guiding your boat in or out of the dock.

How Do They Work?

Cross section of WhamGuard Rotation Boat Dock Bumper with bushing installed on a 2.5" post

WhamGuard rotating boat dock bumpers are easy to install on a boat dock post.

The secret to the rotating Boat Dock Bumper is the bushing that sits inside the roller.  The bushing attaches firmly to the boat dock post. The outer bumper is installed on top of the bushing and the patent pending design allows the outer bumper to spin on the bushing once fully installed.

Installation is so simple it takes less than 10 minutes.  Each complete bumper weighs 8 pounds and can be easily installed by one person.  Plus all the components float!  Can’t say any of that about the traditional vertical dock post bumper!



Show Me More!

CLICK HERE & watch this video if you would like to see WhamGuard Rotating Boat Dock Vertical Post Bumper in action!    They not only work great, but come in a variety of colors to complement your boat or dock.  If you prefer traditional black or white, those are available too.

How to Order

Available to order online or pick up at approved distributors.  See the list of where you can order them or find them locally.  Or you can order them online at our website to buy now.

You need to know your dock post size when ordering.  The bumpers are designed to fit 2″ square, 2″ round and 2.5″ square posts.  There is a place on the order form to choose the post size.  We only sell online through our WhamGuard store.  We have found that we provide better customer service and personalized experience than if we outsource the ordering process.  If you want to talk to a live PERSON. You can call us at any time 918-416-1600.  If you miss us and leave a message a LIVE PERSON will return your call within 24 hours (usually less!) and help you get on your way to a stress free boating experience!