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What Makes WhamGuard the Best Boat Dock Rollers?

WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are the best because they actually work!  Other boat dock rollers don’t work as advertised.  Most of them don’t even roll!  WhamGuard is proud to provide premium boat and dock protection.  Performing where others fail!  WhamGuard rotating bumpers are boat dock rollers that not only work, they look great!  Available in multiple colors, WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are an attractive addition to protecting your dock and they won’t break the bank.

WhamGuard Rotating bumpers are a patent pending product that was specifically designed to rotate and guide boats of all sizes safely in and out of your boat slip.  They are bumpers that roll.  Made of premium lightweight, but durable, marine grade polyethylene, these boat dock rollers are custom roto molded to protect boats as they launch and dock.  A unique feature of WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers is that all metal attachments are hidden inside of the bumper.  There is no metal exposed that could damage your boat.

Boat Dock Rollers that are Easy to Install

Because of WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers’ compact size, you only need to position them where you need them.  Other boat dock rollers, are any where from 4 feet to six feet tall.  Boats generally only strike the dock in a small area and most boaters know exactly where the problem area on their dock is.  So some boaters will only need a set of two, one on each side, while others can stack them as high as necessary.  Usually these are larger boats or rough water areas that will need more than one set.  For pontoon boats we recommend at least two sets stacked on each side for a total of four WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers.

WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers also look great!  Other boat dock rollers only come in two colors.  White and black.  WhamGuard’s are available in multiple colors so you can complement your boat or your favorite sports team.  Available colors are red, blue, orange, black and white.