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Boat Dock Rollers | Don’t Slam Hard | Get WhamGuard

WhamGuard rotating bumpers, boat dock rollers that really work. I’m teresa’s I’m here with wes hamilton, who is the owner inventor and chief operating officer at WhamGuard world headquarters in Bernice, oklahoma good morning, window washer also everything floor. I’m over here today to talk about whamguard rotating bumpers and boat dock rollers. That really work in and one of the things I would like to find out is why are whamguard rotating bumpers, better and the boat dock rollers that are currently out there today? One of the reasons are there better? Is they actually roll? So they totally envelop the upright dock post on your your boat dock and they actually rotate when you make impact with them so and they’re easy to install and actually protect your boat as you’re coming in and help guide you into your slip safely.

WhamGuard Rollers are Better than Boat Dock Rollers

How is that different than the other rulers will be other rollers other boat dock rollers out there, the rhino boat dock rollers, and that’s one of them out there? They attach that got the heavy steel brackets at the top and the bottom and in between that there’s a 6-foot gas line, pipe that says 3 in in diameter so and typically a boat when it comes in there hitting it in. It depends on what kind of boat you have, but let’s say the average 25 foot cobalt boat, and it’s going to be about the three foot from the water line to the widest part of the boat. So it’s making an impact on the rhino boat dock roller right in the middle of that roller and soak in the middle of that roller. It doesn’t have any support because remember the supporters of the top and the bottom on the rhino boat dock rollers with her stihl attachments. So when it makes impact with that 3-inch diameter roller, it is deforming that roller in that position and often times it will knock the brackets either at the top or the bottom in one direction, the top one ago, one direction, the bottom one will go in the opposite direction and then no longer will the the rhino bug. Roller. Actually, roll stuck at that point makes a good boat anchor. That sounds like an expensive way to wreck your boat. There is a potential to wreck your boat cuz. Remember there, there’s a bracket that attaches to the post on the rhino boat, dock, roller top and bottom, so that metal bracket is extending the roller out in to the slip so in between the roller and the the post that it’s attached to there’s a gap. So when you’re bringing your boat in, you can get caught in between that go up if the roller doesn’t roll or actually rolls you into the dock in the same thing with when you’re exiting the doc and those boat dock rollers and typically your boats going to want to get hung up on it. Where, with the lamb guard in actually surrounds the post on the bumper does, and you can place that bumper anywhere you want on the post and it’s going to stay there. So you place it in the the the areas that you’re most likely to make contact or your boats most likely to make contact with the dog. So you play sit there and that dwayne guard, like i, said it completely surrounds that post. So there’s no way for you to hit the post, there’s not a gap in between so minacs lee rotates on that post to help guide you safely into your boat dock slip.

WhamGuard Makes Your Dock a Stress Free Zone

What happens if you drop a component of the WhamGuard in the water?  It will float.   The components of the WhamGuard, except for the nuts and bolts, all the other components, the bushing and the hemispherical haves they all float. So you don’t have to stress about stress and when you drop things, cuz I have installed the mini rhino boat dock rollers over the years, and you have to be very, very careful cuz if you drop one of those things they’re very expensive for one thing, a a set of those last time, I checked, cost almost $750. So if you drop some of the steel components, mfa rhino boat dock roller in the water and it’s going to the bottom of the lake. So if you worked any time around the lake, it’s easy to drop things into the floor. So so, with the the way I am guard at everything floats, except for the the nuts and bolts which the nuts and bolts are just standard. 1 inch 560 volts into inch 5/16 bolt soak any home, depot local hardware store. You can find those bolts at the easily replace the rhino boat dock rollers that they cost quite a bit. You know 750, you know when I hear 750 I think like $800 and then I know there’s different sizes and stuff, but in comparison, what would I spend on a winegard rotating bumper for a pair of winegard rotating bumpers, you’re looking at $249, so it says substantially less expensive. I only need two in an old most circumstances you only need to, but on larger boats or wakeboard boats, pontoon tritoon boats, I’m two sets and more more more than enough cover you so you’re. Looking at $500 there plus they are very easy to install. So you can install them yourselves. Each roller take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to put on where oftentimes with the rhino boat dock rollers you’ve got to have someone else to put them on or if you don’t have someone else to put it on. You got to get all your buddies down here in call in favors and to help them, nor for them to help you put your rhino boat dock road takes a lot of expensive, especially down at the light, so I’m with the rotating bumpers.

WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are Easy to Install

However, they’re really easy to install crew design this product that one of the key considerations I wanted to design features was that my wife could install them. So she can install these in the same five. 10 minutes carry him down on the dock. They weigh less than 10 lb. So it’s easy and have your kids take them down and have a little fun project, putting them on and it won’t take all day and then you can get out on the lake. Now, your docs, officially is stress, stress, free zone when you backup your not going to hit the post you’re coming into the boat dock or exiting the boat dock, and that’s what people come to the lights, that I have fun and and to not stress out there. That’s one of the reasons I develop. This product is over the years and I’ve told many different boat dock rollers and try to help people out. Cuz I also saw a boat, floater, boat lift so often times when I’m selling a boat left and installing it people just purchase a new boat. They got a new expensive boat, floater, boat lift from me and they’re, always at them. This stress level really goes up when it’s time to put that new boat on the new boat floater and people are trying to bring their their new boat into the boat slip and get it on the boat. Listen, everyone got their arms out, trying to keep it off the dock and it’s nothing out there trying to push and keep them from from hitting the dock, and it’s very stressful so and they always ask me wes what can I do to make this easier and lex over the years? I’ve sold the rhino boat dock rollers I’ve sold the taylor made dock wheels k&r post cushions all kinds of different products and it but I just kept thinking each one of these has a deficiency. How can I make this easier and more cost-effective for people that the doctor boat safely and without damaging it or damaging people? Like i, said people want to stick their arms out to the side go down. The collision and I have haven’t actually seen it, but I’ve heard of people breaking arms and breaking legs trying to I keep the boat off the dock. She broke a rib trying to to do that when she fell, invites a potential harm when you bring it in the boat on water cuz, it doesn’t have brakes in the often times that these likes here in oklahoma, missouri arkansas all likes and can get rough and and be a challenge to to bring a boat into that safely into a boat docks. Where do I go to get away and garden? Will you can get the the WhamGuard rotating boat dock rollers at whamguard.Com? You can also call us at 918-416-1600, or you can email us at info at wham guard.Com and be asking which one of your, if you’re at a marina asking marina if they carry the wam garden, where were launching WhamGuards out there to marinas nurse and going to get them set up? Alright, don’t slam hard.  Get WhamGuard!