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Pod cast transcript:  We will be talking today about why wham guard rotating bumpers are better than a typical boat dock rollers.  Boat dock rollers have been on the market for about 20 years and wham guard is an innovative solution to an ongoing problem that boat owners face. So today, I am here with Wes hamilton. You are the founder and owner of wham guard and today. We wanted to talk a little bit about comparing WhamGuard rotating bumpers and boat dock rollers. There’s some significant differences.  A boat dock roller is attached with metal attachment brackets top and bottom and has a cylinder that is 3 in in diameter and they’re six foot long and so the attachment the metal attachment is at the top and the bottom. What’s 6 foot in between and? What is the landlord look like when guard rotating them for to be specific, because you have other products as well right, that’s right, but that the lion guard rotating bumper it it has a a bushing that attaches to the post I’m a two-part bushing. So you put one part around one side of the post and the other part of the bushing around the other and it bolts, together with four bolt to top and bottom, there little three quarter inch bolt bulbs that are heading inside, and then you take a hemisphere, Boat Dock Rollers bumper, that’s 13 and a half inches tall and about 6.75 in wide, and you put it on one side of the bushing, then you take a identical hemisphere and put it on the other side of the bushing. Making a complete spear that is completely enveloping the post on your.How is that different than a traditional boat dock roller, because it actually all the attachment, is inside and protected by the actual roller on the way um guard and where the typical boat dock roller. That has the metal attachment that attaches to the top and the bottom of the post, and that metal attachment can extend up to 13 in out into the slip where your boat is entering the slip. So it’s more likely to hit a metal attachment on that, metal attachment top and bottle in in between is the 3-inch diameter cylindrical roller. So there’s a lot of gap there and there’s a lot of metal. That’s exposed to impacts by your boat and what is the danger of having a boat ran into metala boat is typically made out of fiberglass in fiberglass and steel at even a minimal impact can cause significant damage to a boat which is very expensive to be repaired. So why would anyone even purchase the traditional boat dog roller that we see you and we we know if you were to google boat dock rollers there’s a I think ryan, o rollers comes up and then there’s a couple other ones that have started coming up. But why would you, as a boat owner, even be interested in that then for the last 20 years it’s Boat Dock Rollers been the only product out there, but then you know I’ve been thinking about this problem for quite a while, and the vanguard rotating bumper solves the deficiencies with like the other boat dock rollers out there cuz it’s all of the deficiencies. I understand it covers the post but and mean to kidsis still damage your boat, which is how does it? How does it work? That’s a different than the traditional you can always damage your boat. Do people find ways to damage anything, but definitely it aids, a, a, boat, captain pilot to whoever is driving the boat at aids in cuz. It actually rotates and the rolls that’s the way. I am guard rotating bumper so as you’re coming into slip, and if you happen to make contact with the wind guard, it’s made out of a high density polyethylene and that will not mark mark up your boat boat, but it rolls and absorbs the impact and then guide you into the destination. What you want to be, which is safely inside your slip. What sounds like? The traditional boat dock rollers werei mean basically a protruding steel bar covered in plastic, cuz i, don’t i, wouldn’t say covered in plastic, but it’s steel bars with plastic in between them. So any part of it was right, but leaving this bastille expose definitely in and leaves people able to pair up their boat on a traditional  and talk to me about the strength of a. Pierre versus the strength of the steel say in a boat dock roller, because it seems like the boat dock rollerson the inside would have a bunch of it. It just seems problematic to me. So what? What? What’s the difference? In the strength when you got a metal pole protruding from the boat. As opposed to say the boat dock? What is metal thing that holds it up? Upright post square square tubing? Typically some places around with the wind guard. It completely enveloped slap post that holds up the roof on the dock, so you know what? Yes, it’s one of the strongest structures on the dock is the popo. So if you hit just the post with your your doc is it’s going to do with your boat? Is going to do significant damage to your boat and also to the doctor, I’ve seen many of those upright post that the are bent from people making significant in packs and that’s why the the actual rotating part of the bumper in the flex, the book blow atlanta of the wind garden rotating bumper wear, now that there is a small diameter of the traditional rhino boat dock roller is only 3 in so it is easy to there’s. Typically, it least a 6 ft or 6 inch gap between the post and the roller. So if your boat happens to get the flective into the post, with that, I can still do significant damage to your boat, where the wind guard completely enveloped that poster upright roof support on your doc.

So you can even hit it. If you have the wind guard position in the right space so to completely protect your boat, you can put multiple wind guards all up and down that upright post that actually roll. So the winegard will deflect the impact of potentially hitting the post in port and also for either backing into a slipper backing out of a slip. When you’re backing out, you typically have little control in with the true traditional boat dock roller and, like i, said, there’s, there’s a gap between the post in the actual roller itself, so typically the swim deck or the platform of the boat on at the rear at the the stern of the boat. If you’re backing out the traditional boat dock roller has steel tachmonite near the water line of the dock, and that’s where the swim platform is also so when you’re back and I’ll bet that swim platform wants to get hung up in between the three inch diameter roller that is attached to a steel bracket. That’s also attached to knock to the upright post, so it gets hung up in between there and you get hung up on steel and it actually pushes you into the dock, which is the docks typically constructed out of state. So, with the lion guard rotating bumper, you don’t have any gaps in between your post and the roller. The roller becomes, the posted it it. It surrounds the posts completely. So there’s nothing to get to impede the progress of the boat. It Boat Dock Rollers actually rolls and spins you away from the dock, so it makes it almost easier for anyone to back out it makes it a stress-free it. A lot of times did the most stressful part of the day is when you’re taking the boat out of the slip and then, of course, bring in the the boat back into the slip at the end of the day, because it is a tight spot and most marinas and most slips to get your boat into so we’re trying to find ways and innovative ways out there, with the winegard rotating bumper to help people safely and with the least amount of stress that to bring their boat into a slip, slip safe safely and slam hard, getaway and garden. Alright, thanks wes