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Boat Dock Rollers | Today is the day to protect your boat

Cadence’s podcast number 9 for wham guard will be talking today about boat dock rollers and why wham guard rotating bumpers are a superior way to go for boats that need protection at their dog I’m here today, with west hamilton, who is the owner and creator of wham guard and when guard products, specifically the rotating bumper, but there’s other products as well, we’ll start out with the rotating bumper. And how did you come up with that idea good morning, teresa? Well, it was that for many years of experience being around the lake I worked on the lake almost 20 years, and so many different dock products in specifically wants to protect boats as they’re coming in and some of them over the years have been the boat dock, rollers and so many problems over the hickory house, but they may have them on and was always thinking about us a better way to do it, and we come up with that with the way I’m guard rotating bumperwinegard rotating bumper, better than other boat dock rollers . Well, for one it’s it’s super lightweight. It’s made out of polyethylene, it’s a lightweight material, but very durable. Has a 15-year uv rating, so if it takes the sun very well out there on your boat dock, but it’s really simple to install and it actually works once you install it it rotates and which is the intended purpose of it of a boat dock roller. How is that different than the other one? There’s a few different ones that you’ll see around the like I’m a lot of people all over the country are familiar with the little dock, wheels and they’re, typically about 3 to 6 inches tall in just like a 12 inch or 10 inch, diameter wheel and those Attachedi’m with the piece of basically angle iron that you screw into the side of the year. So. Just think you don’t have very much coverage at all with that 3 in and then the attachment am I always thought was just very poor cuz. Typically, you put it in with lag screws in your wood, decking and one good bump with a boat in it. Typically rip set up from the decking, so they aren’t useful at all and in just a really expensive to put on, but they’ve sold a lot of. My don’t know how is different and it because the winegard, the way it attaches is to the strongest part of the dock are one of the strongest part to the doctor’s, your vertical up right that hold the roof on and you got a polyethylene bushing, a two-part bushing that goes around the post and that bolts together with 4, bolts and nutsand. Then you surround that bushing with two hemispherical bumpers made out of polyethylene in both those together with 4 bolts, and then it rotates you can actually spin it around that post and that post gets it extra strength on the impact and that thing’s not coming off of there. Unlike those other elders that taylor taylor made dock wheels is the main one I’m talking about so doc wheels, it sounds like they’re, not even positioned correctly, for the impact of the boat, just think on a v hull boat. Typically, the rub rail. The widest part of the boat, is about 32 to 36 in time. This is on a 24, 25 foot boat, so that knock wheel is mounted to the deckisaiah of the boat dock. So it’s typically at about 2426. In what the widest part of your boat isn’t there? That’s where I just think of the bee hall, it’s slopes its back inside, so the top part of your boat will hit the post before it even hits that doc will so so they are really in effect. So the winegard rotating bumper acts as a boat dock rollers . It’s it’s similar to boat dock rollers at but the difference. Is it really rolls and I’m thinking it might eliminate that whole dance of having to lean over the side of the boat and get off this pole? And don’t let me hit that pole and ride. Typically, you know you’ve got the pilot or captain drive in the boat and then the whole cruise on the front of the boat, trying to keep the front of the boat off of the the dock as you’re coming in so yeah. It eliminates that another thing, I wantdimension, just think on the internet, taylor made dock wheel, it’s at the low part on the deck one thing that’s great about the wind guard is on that post. Typically, on an on a boat dock, boost post or at least 10 ft to 12:45, probably minimum so you’ve got that whole link there, that you can position the wind guard on wherever you need it wherever the widest part of your boat is that’s where you want to start putting your wham guards I’m. So it’s very adaptable to your situations where the only option you have with the doc will is to put it on the deck so in that doesn’t work for most of the boats out there. So how many guards do most boat, owners boat boat owners, need to protect their boat, believe they need to wham guards on each post when you entered the slept, so that would be, it mean forher to wham guards on each post. As you enter the slept, could you get away with just two like one on each side? So if you’ve got a smaller boat and you’re in a pretty calm area, call marina and 2 would be fine, so you could start out with two and adeline. You can always add on depending on what you need and and with typical boat dock rollers, though it seems like they cover a much broader area. Why would is? Is that importantwell not really the typical boat dock roller, one of them out there that has it’s made out of gas line pipe in that boat dock roller is typically comes in a 6 ft length.

Will your boat isn’t going to hit in 6, ft, 6 ft area, and typically it’s only going to hit in about a foot area every time when you’re coming in so there you’re paying for 5 foot of boat dock roller that you’ll never use, and it’s basically just still post wrapped in plastic right? It’s got steel attachment the brackets that go at the top of that 6-foot and then at the bottom. Also, there’s there’s just a bunch of heavy steel on those boat dock rollers that then you have a 3 inch, polyethylene pipe for a 6 inch, polyethylene pipe, but it’s surrounded bywhat. You know we’re trying to avoid stay home because steals not friendly to a fiberglass tends to mess it up. So we don’t have any exposed steel on the wind guard road heading buffers. It sounds like those boat dock rollers up until this point I’ve been kind of hard to install as well they’re super heavy in the six foot foot long and it makes it even harder than stall cuz now I’m six foot. So it’s hard to to work with something that long to get it attaches specially when you’re working over water working over water and tends to not be very forgiving cuz if he dropped something, it’s usually gone or you got to spend a lot of time fishing for it. Do the boat dock rollers that people been using up to this point? Do they floatgetting your little grappling hook or big magnet, trying to look for it, but the wind guards actually float? So if you, if you drop a winegard rotating bumper in the lake I’m just reach down and grab it, what about the attachments, the bushings? Do they float? The bushings also float. What sounds like a no-brainer? Why would you even bother with the other boat dock? Rollers i, don’t know. So how did I mean if it was me, I would get away and guard get away and guard owns lampard. So when guard rotating bumpers, it’s a better alternative than boat dock rollers anything else. You want to say about that one. Well, they also come in different colors. Well, we’ve got black white red blue and orange. The only colors you can get the other boat dock rollers out there or neon yellow, and sometimes they have black but i, don’t know about very often it’s kind of hard for them to get some expensive, they’re very expensive. Rollers are the wind guards boat dock rollers image of the wind guards guards are $125 a roller and the others. Well, it’s hard to figure out their pricing right now, but for a pair of them on their 6ft tall ones are $750 $750 boat, anchor boat, anchor I got to put it on yourself or pay them to put them on him hard to the winegard