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Boat Dock Rollers.  Why WhamGuard?

This is podcast episode, number 13 for WhamGuard, we’re going to be talking about boat dock rollers and why WhamGuard rotating bumpers are superior option to the traditional boat dock rollers that are out there. I am theresa I’m here with wes hamilton. He is the founder inventor and owner of wham guard and tell us a little bit about why you’re here so yeah talk about our new product, the WhamGuard rotating boat dock bumper it’s, the best boat dock roller out there on the market. We believe it’s unique to the market and what makes it the best well, the way it operates, and it doesn’t have any expose steel that is exposed to potentially hitting your boat when your docking, your boat, so everything is self contained inside and it’s made of polyethyleneand, then there’s a bushing on the inside and the outside. Bumper has two hemispheres and it clamps around that bushing on your post of your doc and rotates around until you’ve got a boat dock roller that actually rolls it actually rolls that’s what is makes it different than what the what we traditionally use for boat dock roller of the traditional boat dock roller has metal clamps, that plant to your upright post on your boat dock, metal, clamp, top and bottom stick out from the dock and in-between that is a polyethylene piece of gas line pipe so they’re. Typically, there 6 ft long so there’s a long span in between the support for the roller for the traditional boat dock roller and when that long span there. If you hit in thelittle, which is where most people hit when they’re bringing their boat boat in it deforms the gas line pipe and then after the forms a few times, then it no longer rolls with the intended purpose of that.

Why is WhamGuard Better Than Boat Dock Rollers?

So how is the WhamGuard rotating bumper different? All the you can place the WhamGuard rotating bumper anywhere on your dock on the post, but you place it where most likely you are going to hit when you’re bringing your boat in. So it’s a hemispherical shape, so just think of a a ball and moon globe. That’s on your dock! Well, that’s a very strong shape! So when you hit the wham guard, your hitting in a high-strength area to keep you off that post and also with the the unique bushing different than any otherdoc roller out there, it actually rotate you into your slip. So traditional boat dock rollers are not able to accomplish that after while, like said that they deform and they don’t have the surface area to continue spinning. So the WhamGuard rotating bumper has a lot more surface area that actually spends. So if I am wanting to purchase some WhamGuard rotating bumpers, what are some things that I need to know? First, will? The first thing you need to know is what type of the post you have on your doc. So, typically, when you’re bringing in your boat to the slip that outside post, you need to measure those that support your roof and typically they’ll, be there 2 in wide a two by two or two and a half by two and a half wide. So just get those measurements there inmake sure we get the right bushing in the bushing comes in that two pieces and it just clamps around your post and there’s four bolts and nuts that both that bushing together and then there’s another four bolts and nuts that you put the bumper surrounding the the bushing and that allows the bumper to rotate on your post doesn’t sound like it’s very hard to install it’s very easy to install takes about the anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to install the other boat dock rollers. Take 10 song just depends if they’re pretty heavy away at least 50 lb, so carrying them down down to the doc. If you’re by yourself. It probably take you a good 30 minutes to put them on. If you have help and they’re good helper might cut that down to 20 minutesso. If, if you want to install a traditional bow dog roller, it sounds like you need possibly a lot of time and a small army women and in some strength, wham garden in one bumper weighs less than 10 lb. So it’s a lot a lot lighter than the other traditional boat dock rollers. So when I am going to be installing a winegard rotating bumper, where am I going to put it on my post? Well, you want to measure the widest part of your boat, find out where the widest part of your boat is in relation to the waterline so measure from the water line up to the the widest part of your boat. And then you want to center the winegard rotating bumper at that that position. If you have a boat that that is higher in the front and tapers downthe back, you may need two sets of wayne guard. So they’re they’re really easy to the position. If you find out, take it slow coming in and you find out it’s not in the right position. It’s very simple:to loosen everything up position it correctly and then also you can keep adding more wham guards the traditional boat dock roller out. There they come in 6 foot links. Will most people aren’t hitting in a 6-foot area? So when guard covers at 13 and 1/2 in which is about the range that people tend to run into things, as is that 13 and 1/2 in? But if you find out that you’re in real rough water and that you’re bouncing up and down when you come in, you can buy another win garden there, you’ve got no basically30in covered versus yeah, the 72 in where you’re paying a lot per square foot that you’re never use. It sounds like the taller, the boat dock roller in the traditional sense, where they have the word fastened at the top in the bottom, but the longer that roller is probably the weaker it is, it does goodwill in many people, know the the principles of leverage.

So if he, if you hit one end of that, the traditional boat dock roller and it took book typically wants to move the other end. So if you go around many of the lakes that have very many of the rhino boat dock, rollers on them and you’ll, probably know what I’m talking about there-that yellow gas line pipe, that is at the end of some docs out there and nobody crooked. The top will be pointing one way in the bottom of the other, and that’s becauseyou have that leverage the boat hitting in one area and then it pushing the roller another area. So then nothing’s parallel or straight up and down plum, the roller is offset then, and it doesn’t operate like it was intended to. So how does that work for protecting your boat? If you get one of those other boat dock rollers that that’s one of the great things about a winegard is it cannot get crooked? It is surrounding the post, so there there’s nothing that can prevent it from actually rotating and still acting as a bumper also see you can install it and then give it a good spin, good spin after you’ve got it got it installed, and then they use it as a guide when you’re bringing your boat in. Do you need to put them on any other post besides the entryway well with white board boats there in boardpowered? So so, whenever you are docking a wakeboard boat and you cut the power as you’re bringing the boat in, you lose your steering for that that type of inboard boat. So on those wakeboard boats, we do recommend that you continue bringing the wind guards into the interior the slip and putting them on additional post. So you make sure you don’t damage your boat when you’re bringing it in that way. So if you want to talk roller, that really works, you want to get WhamGuard rotating bumpers. That’s right! Don’t slam hard time card and how can they reach? You go to our website at swam guard.Com or you cannot email us at that info at or phone number is 918-416-1600