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Podcast Transcript:  the company name is Wham guard and we will be talking today about boat dock rollers and Wes hamilton is here today to give us a little background.  What exactly are boat dock rollers or attachments? You put on your dock to assist you in piloting your boat into a boat slip. What are some of the challenges that people have piloting their boat into a boat slip?  Well typically, a boat slip is 10 to 12 ft wide and in a marina situation. There’s a lot of boat slips in a concentrated area, so it’s tight to get a boat that doesn’t exactly have a road that it’s driving on its bloating and water in the steering and stuff soso. How are boat dock rollers helpful? The boat dock is made out of a lot of steel and concrete, so the rollers that attach to the boat dock, so the boat dock rollers are typically made out of polyethylene, which is a resilient material that doesn’t mark up the boats, but you can use that as a guide when your boat you’re pulling into the slip it’ll hit the boat dock roller and roll you on into your boat dock slip. Now are the boat dock rollers that are available on the market right now. How effective are theynot very effective, a lot of times they’re also attached with steel I’m at the top and the bottom, and then you have a cylindrical tube of polyethylene. That, basically, is gas line pipe and that’s been cut the 6ft long strips and it’s got the attachment top and bottom. So then, touch me like I said is steel, but there’s a lot of gap in between that doesn’t have any support, and typically that will collapse and after it collapses, it will not actually roll anymore like a doc roller. Should you have a really big boats and you hit one of these bojack rollers? What typically happens I mean? Does it? Is it supposed to roll you into the slip, or are you seeing something else out there on the lake it’s supposed to actually what happensit ends up twisting the brackets that hold the roller on to the doctor morning structure so, like I said, there’s two attachments in one attachment will go one way and the other attachment will go. The other way in the roller is then offset or crooked and absolutely will not roll in assist you in getting into your sleep and actually makes it harder. So you’ve developed a new product to help address this problem that we see what the typical boat dock rollers, but you call it a wham guard rotating bumper. Tell me how it’s different. That’s right, the wind guard, rotating bumper, doesn’t have any steel attachments. Everything is hidden inside the actual rotating bumper and so there’s nothing to get hung up on and when you’re more in your boat, everything is marine-grade. High density, polyethylenethat, actually rotates or spins rolls when they gear boat, makes contact with santa, that’s correct, okay, so the typical boat dock rollers. How long have they been out? There they’ve been out there for a little bit over 20 years, so there’s quite a few of them out there on likes around the country and what kind of what kind of damage have you seen two boats or docks that have had these boat dock rollers on themwell? You have typically are on the larger boats that have platforms at the back or big’s windex. Those platforms are near the surface of the water. So if you’re backing in your boat to your boat slip and typically it on these on the rhino dock rollers, they have a steal at hatchment. That is usually at the waterline and I’m in these big cruisers type. Boats that have platforms of the back of the get hung up on that steel bracket at the bottom doing a tremendous amount of damage to those platforms and they are very expensive-those platforms to repair. So how does the winegard rotating bumper address that all all the attachments to the roller is hidden inside the roller? So everything is in close so that there is no steel for a boat or platform to get hung up, onand it actually, the roller, the rotating bumper envelops, the post on the dock. Typically on other products out there, you have the post and then brackets going off the post and then a cylinder, so that leaves a gap in between the post and the roller itself, and in that gap boats will get hung up whether they’re entering or exiting a slept. So when you’re leaving go out on the lake you’re backing up your boat when the boat can get hung up in between the roller in the post, with the rollers attached to and do damage to the boat or, if you’re bringing the boat into the slip and it’s rough water, the boat can roll into the docs and get wedged in between the roller in the doc. So it sounds like they also might actually decrease the size of yoursflip. Some weight I mean if you have a tight fit. Is that a problem that is a problem for a lot of large boats or if you have a small slip and these rollers can extend 13in out into your slip, fastly decreasing the amount of available space? You have to put your boat boat dock rollers that have been around for 20 years now. Do they do boats generally need that much coverage I mean what’s the height and size of these boat dock rollers? Well, that’s their typical size is a 6ft roller in from all the market study that that we’ve done at the wam guard. Typically, a boat hits in the same area, which is about14in.

So typically, you see the same problem over and over again where the boat will help when it’s entering a slept, so the other rollers out their boat dock rolls are 6 ft long. Will you think you’ve got basically four and a half feet that you don’t need and never you to utilize, but customers are paying for that space on those rollers for the hardware and tubing near the extra pipeline gas line pipe that they use for their roller guards. Do you typically need a typical? You only need to send in some smaller boats and you can get away with one. So why would I need to stack two or three wind guards, as opposed to one there’s, a few determining factors, the height of your dog, how how high the deck is from the water line on a boat dock and then how large your boat are? The larger your boat is the higher it’s going to be the widest part of your boats, going to be from the water line at your door, so to get the proper coverage on a large boat she’ll need more winegard rotating bumpers and considerably more than the typical boat. It decreases your cost cuz. You only cover the area that you need to cover with a winegard, each winegard, the height that is 13 and 1/2 in in the is 13 and 1/2 in. So it’s a a spear of spear. Yes, the round ball around ball that you hit to make sure that you don’t damage your boat or your boat slip exactly okay. So, just in conclusion, what if you were to sum it up? Why would I buy a winegard instead of a traditional boat dock roller easy to put on, and you only have to buy what you need to protect your boat you’re, not paying for a part of a boat dock roller that you will never use in one person can easily and put on a winegard rotating bumper themselves. Thank you. Alright. This is pat