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Okay, this is podcast episode, number 8 for wham guard. We will be talking today about whamguard boat dock rollers , also known as a rotating bumpers I’m here with wes hamilton, who is the owner and creator of whamguard rotating bumpers good morning. Wes. So tell me a little bit about why the whamguard rotating bumper is actually better than the boat dock rollers that are currently available. Super easy to install and the rotating bumper to attach it to put a bushing on the upright post and it takes for bolts, and then the bumper goes around that bushing and it also takes four bolts and those bolts. Each use a half inch wrench. How is that different than boat dock rollers on the market right now? Standard boat dock rollers are six foot long for one thing, the WhamGuards are only13 and 1/2 in which is the range that a boat typically hits in is about really a foot, but the rollers out. There are six foot long and they have heavy steel attachments at the top and bottom and that you have to clamp onto the post with the big three quarter, inch bolts for half inch bolt. Do you need a three-quarter inch wrench so and they’re very heavy and awkward to handle, especially as long as they are? Can one person install the typical boat dock rollers ? Well, if you’ve done a lot of them, one person can that, but that one person definitely struggles at times to get it on correctly. So it always helps on those boat dock rollers that have two people, sometimes three. So what makes the lion guard difference? One person can easily do it part of the mayaimpetus or the idea was that anyone could do it if my wife could put it on and then anybody could put it on so I signed up for that. If your wife could put it on anybody could put it on so is it heavy to carry so the rotating bumpers only weigh about 10 lb? So, if I’m looking at boat dock rollers why would I choose a whamguard over another one? for one but they’re easy to put on like we were talking about, but also they actually roll, which is the intended purpose of a rotating bumper or boat dock roller? Is that it rolls? Why would that be important when you’re, launching or docking your boat and help me help? You want to go so at the point you in the right direction and when you’re bringing your boat into the slip it’s made out. Ofwhy? Is that important, it’s a very resilient product and it’s durable lightweight and also you can get in many different colors. So people seem to like colors. How is that different than the traditional boat dock rollers ? It’s also made out of polyethylene. Its specific purpose are intended. Original purpose. Is gas line pipe so its a bright, yellow, neon, yellow pipe? That’s used for a underground gas lines is what it’s used for. So if you have a neon yellow boat, it would match all us right-and you know its intended purpose wooden for for boat dock rollers and then send it purpose of a winegard. It was specifically designed for mooring boatserpentine belts in and out of slip, and how does it? How does it help more the boat, exactly what part of it is? It absorbs the impact it’s around. The post on course on dock post post on a boat dock. Those poster made out of steel so still is very unforgiving when you run a boat into it, that’s made out of fiberglass well, we surround that post with the wind guard rotating bumper, which is made out of that polyethylene and it absorbs the impact of the boat, but then also rotates the guide you into the slip, and it reduces the amount of friction with that. Spinning. How many winegard rollers are how many winegard rotating bumpers does somebody need to protect their boat and the boat dock? Well, there’s a few factors. You need to look at thethe distance of your boat, the widest part. Typically, that’s where your rub:rail is on your boat from the water line, so say that’s on a typical run, a baldor bowrider cobalt boat, that’s about 36 in from the water line. So then you figure out how far your boat dock floats up out of the water and you position and the bushing first at that center mark, where the water line is, and then you put the bumper on but depending on how rough the water is. Most boats are fine with 2 wam guard rotating bumpers on each post as you enter the slip, but it’s specially for wakeboard boats, because wakeboard boats have inboard motors. You reduce the throttle on a wakeboard boat. You loose steering, so it really aids on wakeboard boats having multiplestats of wind guards going into the slip on different post to those wakeboard boats are very expensive, very nice boats to protect them me open when guards multiple wind guards really helps protect. That boat say you would put a guard on the interior, the farthest post out, and you would put it on the interior post as well. It depends on how you look at it. I always talk about it from entering the slip with the boat, so that’s the farthest outside post or the first one. You come to you definitely on that. You can put two on each side coming in, but then also the next set of upright post of go ahead and put some wham guard rotating bumper on those. Also. What if I have a pontoon boat? What do you recommend will pontoon boat? Typically, we go with two on the the post, where you enter the slip that gives youquite a bit of coverage and we also have a below the deck bumper.

So, in combination with the rotating boat dock bumpers, you can put the below the deck bumper, which it protects you below the deck towards the water line. Also and get you a a bumper there. What, if some of the issues you’ve seen with rotating or with current dog rollers that are out there that made? You think that a winegard would be a good idea. Well, the current boat dock rollers out there that they really don’t spin the way they’re designed they have attachment stihl attachments at the top and the bottom and then typically that gas line pipe. That goes from top to bottom and when it’s smashed up against the steel I’m after few good hits by your boat and no longer rolls so it’s more like a a cushion than a rotating or a boat dock roller. At that point, I’m in typically the way there attachments are like I said most of the boat dock. Rollers are 6 ft long, but the impact that how to make on that roller are at the in the middle. How about 3 foot in there’s no strength in that boat dock roller in the middle and cuz? There’s no attachment, so it tends to once the top part of the roller goes one way on your post and in the bottom part goes the other. So if you go around many lakes in oklahoma, where a lot of these boat dock rollers are you’ll, seem crooked, all over the lake and people get tired at readjusting them and so expensive. That doesn’t really work very well. Yeah I know i, tell people go ahead and just use them as anchors with their with them when they’re getting the wind guards. Now they they they don’t sink in it and I put the other boat dock rollers on many of timing and I’m always concerned about the was always concerned about losing them because they’re so heavy feud I’m in the water there on the bottom of the lights, but the wind guard it actually floats. So if you mess up with which it’s easy to do when you’re working over the water and the lamb garden will float in both the bushing, only thing they won’t float is the 8th, nuts and bolts that you have, but you can get those at any hardware store they’re easy to find all right. So the winegard rotating bumpers are better than those traditional boat dock rollers. And what do you like to tell everybody? Don’t slam hard or I think so