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Podcast Transcript:  Wes Hamilton is the inventor of the wham guard rotating bumpers, and we are going to spend a little time on installation, but then I want to move into some comparisons. So tell me how wham guard is easy to install compared to other boat dock rollers products that are out there. Tell me what the installation of WhamGuard first rotating boat and dock bumper. Really all you need is one tool and you need a half inch wrench. So it’s just as well. Well I will take two down there. You need to half inch wrenches to properly install WhamGuard rotating bumpers, then I’m, not on the other side. So it’s always helpful to have too many people. Does it take to install a bumper for your boat, or. For, the WhamGuard rotating bumper? It only takes one person and the whole bumper itself only weighs only 14 pound compared to the other products out there like the good., my kids could carry it. Anybody can carry it so I’m like the rhino. Boat Dock Rollers Roller that that that is out there. That’s right. Ryan I’d, like the animal like the first name, someone named ryan and then dash, o y n, o your wife couldn’t carry my wife. Couldn’t carry them, move their heavy long and very young i, don’t know cumbersome, awkward, anything you’re doing on the water and working and installing it’s hard to do cuz, you typically will drop something and when you drop something around the water, it goes in the water. So so so the cost of something really, unless you’re real good, and do it all the time, but your first time doing something it. It’s typically a challenge with with a heavy big product guard rotating boating dock bumper yeah. It sounds a lot more lightweight easier to man. It’s a lot easier to manage lightweight and the components if you drop something besides the bolt full float, you just reach down and grab it. If you did lose, you might have one of your toolbox toolbox or any hardware store, big box store. Has these Boat Dock Rollers bolts they’re? All you need is a half inch bolt. So it’s a 5/16 bolt & nut, which takes a half in french, and that’s really all you need in a tape measure how it sounds like the rhino roller would take a lot more equipment and time, and nobody has that much time. So, when you’re, attaching the wam guard rotating boat and dock bumper, how does that attach to the doc? Is it easy attachment? The installation is? The installation is easy for the wind guard, rotating boat and dock bumper. It has a bushing that has a retainer ring on it and that’s the first part that goes on the dock, and you always want to position it on the the docks upright post. That is in its farthest towards the back or the lake side, where the boat first enters the slap you find. Those post you measure in the side where the widest part of your boat is how high that point is off the water line, and you want to mark that on that post. Well, then, you take this bushing with a retainer ring and it’s a two-part bushing and you put it around the post and bolted together. Yeah, it’s the the bushing itself is made out of a it’s, an injection mold that was custom-made for the winegard rotating. Back, bumper and it bolts to the post and I’m, using that that I had to half inch wrench is that that I mentioned and it clamps around the post. So how is it easier than a rhino? Well, typically, the the rhino boat and dock bumper is a six-foot section, and it’s made out of steel. That’s been galvanized, and then you got a lot of bolts on it and that still gets Boat Dock Rollers pretty heavy that you know. There’s different versions of them retain Boat Dock Rollers bumper is more lightweight lot: less white rollers on guard rotating boat and dock bumper are small little bolts. Everything else is custom design with high density, polyethylene, there’s injection mold for the bushing and then rotational molding for the outer bumper does the rhino roller actually roll, often times it doesn’t. It was originally designed to roll that the effort few times it started it stops rotating like it was intended a lot of mashed up a rhino rollers supposedly rollers. What typically happens is there’s two parts to the rhino boat and dock roller, the course there’s a top and a bottom, and then there’s a big space in between will mattering, depending on where the boat, it’s that their cylinder, they’re small cylinder. It’s just a little 3 inch cylinder. Typically, they also have a 6in and but they’re very expensive and rollers tend to be expensive and they don’t really roll vanguard rotating bumper for boats and dogs are the. How do you like to say:wham, guard boat and dock rotating bumper guard rotating boat and dock roller? Okay, when it got me off their rotating boat and dock bumper everytime, it actually rolling? Well, it deflects your momentum when you’re coming in with the doc, of course, it’s around the metal posts and it will help cushion the blow when the if your boat is going to hit it cushing’s of blow and then guide you into the slip safely and on guard rotating boat and dock bumper I think you got it listed on your website as the wam guard rotating bumper. So that’s for boats and docks to protect boats and docks ultimately sounds like it rotates this Boat Dock Rollers