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Boat Dock Rollers | WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers

Alright, this is WhamGuard with podcast number 7 and we will be talking about boat dock rollers versus WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers and ease of installation. I’m Here today, with founder owner and inventor of WhamGuard Wes Hamilton and tell me a little bit about the guard. It must be more specific. Tell me a little bit about why you came up with the WhamGuard design. Well, for almost 20 years around lakes here in oklahoma and texas missouri and arkansas and I’ve sold boat lifts and typically when someone buys a boat lift, they’ve also bought a brand new boat. So the the most stressful time for a boat owner is so happy that they’ve got this boat in there. They’re excited about getting the boat lift the protected and will put the boat on the lift for the first time, and it is a very stressful situation for me installing the boat lift and then also for the boat on her bringing their brand new baby into the slip, because the boat dock slips are typically 10 to 12, ft wide and you’re, bringing in a basically a 9-foot wide boat waves. When everything working against you as you’re bringing it into that slept, address this problemnot, really Whamguard rotates and doesn’t have all the steel attachments and the typical boat dock roller has so so. There’s there’s no steel to hit wear with the typical boat dock. Roller men has stihl attachments at the top and the bottom, and then has a 3-inch diameter, 6 ft long cylinder attached to those metal brackets. Well. If it gets out of control a little bit or you might be going towards one side of your doc, we’re at the end of your dock. Typically, on the lake side, you’ll have a upright post that holds your roof on. Well. That post is typically, you know two and a half inch square tubing in my b 2 inch square tubing or might be 2 inch pipe well in the pastthey would put the metal brackets top and bottom and then put that roller on well, there’s a gap in between that upright post and the boat dock roller, and in that gap people can still get the part of their boat in between it and actually that roller will roll you into the boat dock and then potential you can hit the the brackets that attach it. So how does the winegard rotating bumper solve that problem for the boat owner? Will there’s no gap in between the actual roller in the post, because the way I am guard rotating bumper enveloped goes completely around that post. So there’s no exposed still on for your birthday hit on and there’s nothing for your boat to get caught in between, because it’s around the post, so it rolls rolls are spins if you imaginedating around the post, how does that help the boat owner to launch or dock their boat? If they’re intending to go so it’s made out of high-density polyethylene in and absorbs the impact, and then it reduces the friction and redirects the boat into the correct position. So it’s it’s basically a boat dog roller, that’s a rotating bumper. It really rolls-and it is super easy to put on anybody-can put it on it. It. It typically takes one roller roller hard to put on they are. They are a challenge to put on a night I’ve put on hundreds of them and it was always frustrating and typically I work by myself-defense and I’ve had to learn over the years how to attach one of those by yourself and it sometimes it takes clamps and ropes, and you got a hold on to this and you got to worry about dropping the steel brackets or even the cylinder, tube and Boat Dock Rollers trust me they don’t float. Then they make pretty good boat anchors. If you need one of those dock rollers in comparison, I am guessing the wam guard. Rotating bumper is easy to install to half inch, wrench, half inch socket and a half inch wrench and all it is-is 8 small bolts to tighten up the four bolts for the bushing in for four bolts for the bumper that goes around the bushing and all that envelops that the post and they only way I think it is 5 lbs, where the other dock rollers out there making way up words50 lb in there 6 ft long. And how can one person install a typical boat dock rollers right, foot tall ones that have a 6 in diameter roller on them? You definitely have to have two peoples cuz. You got to have one person holding one in and the other person holding another in and just think you’re working over the water, so the potential to lose tools which I’ve lost lots of tools in the like. It is high when you’re trying to attach those other dock rollers and how is the winegard simpler and its mechanism and Boat Dock Rollers installation bushing, and then it has that outside bumper, that goes around it. It’s 13 and a half inches tall, so it’s easy. The handle on it and it’s light. But one thing:if you drop the dwayne guard and it lands in the water hit actually floats, so you can easily recover it and also same with the pushing so so it’s not going to make a good boat. Boat anchor. Rather, how much does a boat dock roller cost? That sounds like it would be expensive if you dropped it in the leg, typically for repair of the boat dock, rollers you’re, looking at $700 plus in if you have them, install of course you’re going to be running into the close to $1,000 range. Oh, no! No! It’s it’s cheaper than that! Typically for a new pair of roller. So each side of your slip and you’re going to be be running.

You $300, so how many rotating bumpers am I going to need depends on the size of your boat, but your typical. What’s a cobalt to chaparral formula boats, types of running around boats are going to need to wind guards per post since um guards per post that float anchors anchors because they float and butt on to wham guards per post you’re going to get about 27in of of coverage in the typical boat when they’re bring coming into the slip there. Only hitting in a small Boat Dock Rollers area in into wham guards easily covers the area that the potentially the boat could make impact with the docs in for the other six girls, you don’t use exactly they’re six foot foot long and, like i, said that it’s a small area about a 2-foot area or less that sell your boats typically going to make contact with on the the boat dock, so so you’re paying on the other boat dock rollers you’re, paying 4/4 foot of space that that is unneeded an unnecessarily and actually hampers the operation of those rollers. If you were to move, get a new boat slip and sound like it’d, be very easy to take those boat dock rollers with you. What about a lion? Guard guards are super easy to take off and move to your other boat dock slip. If you sold your place, got a new place or easy to take with you, I’m, not a not a big deal at all. Wear with those other rollers at on many occasions at I have people who just don’t want to mess with those and no don’t leave the expensive dock rollers on their dock or they’ll. Pay me to move them. What you know I don’t mind, but at the same time it’s expensive, that’s, definitely not needed with the better product. The wam guard is easy and looks great too, and it works. We we offer a mini colors and in the way I am guard rotating bumper you can get blue, can get black in the widening, get orange and red. So so many different color options