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Alright, this is podcast episode, number 2 for wham guard, and we will be talking about wham, guard and I’m here today with west hamilton. He is the inventor of the wham guard, rotating bumpers for docks and boats. So I want to hear a little bit about how you came up with this great idea. When guard rotating dock bumper came about I’ve, been in the marine industry for 20 years and seeing working with customers on boat docks in a doctor boat in their doc, I’ve seen the stress that they have when they’re they’re bringing a new boat into doctor they’re, both in their doc and seen them mess up boats while they’re bringing it in. Why do they have stress when they’re bringing relaxed after a great day well? If you would think that, but always at the the the end of the day, you’re bringing the boat back into a dock and typically a dock is anywhere from 10 foot wide to 12 foot wide well, new boat is about eight and a half foot wide, so you’ve got a small area to bring that boat in to the doc and that doc is made out of Boat Dock Rollers steel, so in your boat is typically made out of fiberglass or aluminum, which is softer than steel. So, at this point with the winegard rotating dock, bumper is situated at the entrance to the slip and it envelops the steel, upright post on the dog and the weingart is made out of a durable polyethylene. Plasticwhat kind of plastic is polyethylene plastic, which is a very hard material, but it also has some give to it. When you make an impact, it will cushion the blow of the boat versus steel, which doesn’t have much surround the steel post of the doctor. It’s Boat Dock Rollers Just think of the roof supports of your floating boat dock. You have typically steel uprights that go vertical in attached to the roof of your doc. Will a winegard is a specially-designed system that I came up with and bennett that goes around, that post and it rotates and spins on the post. So when you’re bringing the boat in rather than hitting the the post of the doc to steal, stuffmake sure you hit the wam guard, which is a softer, durable plastic in it, rotates and correct the boat and cushions the blow and helps you dock the boat properly and safely. So the winegard rotating bumper helps guide the boat into the boat slip, and, and how did you come up with this idea? 20 years in the marine industry that I’ve seen different products out there and none of them really worked. There Boat Dock Rollers were some good products, but they were really expensive and they had drawbacks. Others were just poor products that didn’t perform well at all and are similar to the winegard rotating bumper i, wouldn’t say exactly similar. This this product is very unique, but there areare other protection products out there, and one of them is the rhino. It’s boat and dock roller I know with the horn, or is it spelled differently? Now it’s spelled differently. It’s it’s like you would spell someone’s last name ryan and then he put dash of rhino i, know, that’s right., i, think they’re called ryan, o boat and dock rollers rhino boat and dock rollers they’ve been around for a while, though they’ve been around for about 20 years, so the winegard rotating bumper. Why is a rotating bumper that protects the dock and the boat and the way it protects? The Boat Dock Rollers dock in the boat is that it rotatesand helps guide the boat into the slip. How is that different from a ryan o roller? Well, Boat Dock Rollers the rhino roller. It’s made out of materials that weren’t specifically divine design for the marine industry. They use a gas line pipe that is adapted into a mechanism that supposed to roll, but typically it does not roll and there’s lots of steel parts that attach the plastic gas line pipe to the doc. So it doesn’t eliminate the steal from potentially hitting your boat when you’re knocking and the roller, like you said, is made out ofoilfield pipe gas line pipe in empty polyethylene, a better product for the marine industry. In terms of you know, creating these rotating dock bumpers or boat bumpers, it’s also made out of polyethylene the gas line pipe, but it’s not specifically designed for the marine industry in the design of the wam guard. Rotating rollers is specific to the marine in boating industry that you think makes it stand out. I had a custom mold made for the wyndham garden dock rotating bumperin. This custom mold, is in a special shape and a geometric shape of a circle in a circle is the strongest geometric shape that exists, so to get the most resistance of impact. That’s why it was designed specifically in the shape that it was work like the run-around shaped like a ball like a ball a barrel, some people said it look like a barrel and it’s also unique in the sense that it attaches well. It attaches. There is a the dwayne guard, rotating boat and dock bumper, the boat and dock bumper to be precise, attaches aroundthe post, just think of your upright post on your dock that attaches the roof. There is a bushing that has a retainer ring and it’s a two-part bushing, and it goes around that post that the bushing bus and then I take the wind guard, rotating dock and boat bumper, and it is two pieces in it fits around that bushing with a retainer ring on it and it’s bolted together, and it rotates on that bushing with a retainer ring on it. So and the post is completely enveloped in the wam guard rotating boat and dock bumper, where, like with the rhino boating dock roller, it’s attached with steel, clamps and steel bolts and then has a steel arm that comes out, and then they have a cylinder that varies in length from 6 ftcan you ate, but yeah.

It’s it’s rhino. Dock rollers and they’ve got the cylinder and typically they’ve got a 3in cylinder where the winegard has a 13 and a half inch diameter on its differences between the rollers and the wind guard boat and dock rotating bumpers, and our next episode will talk about the installation. I hear it’s really easy to install wham guard rotating knock rollers, alright! Well, let’s join us next time