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Boat Dock Rollers | Finding a solution

Alright, this is Boat Dock Rollers podcast number 12 for wham guard, we’re going to be talking about when guard rotating bumpers and how they compared with boat dock rollers I’m. Here today with west hamilton, he is the owner and creator of william guard rotating bumpers. Vanguard offers Boat Dock Rollers rotating bumpers, but they off also offer other products. So, first, though, I want to hear about the recent boat shows that you’ve been to either at the tulsa boat, sport and travel show, and then the lake like expo in springfield, how was winegard rotating bumpers, received. We had a tremendous response says starting out the year at the tulsa boat and travel, show tulsa, boat, sport and travel show that start at the end of january went through at february 4th and the response was:was tremendous people instantly seehow, the winegard rotating bumper is better than the boat dock rollers that are out there and the. What was the aha moment? How simple that it was? It was just like why didn’t someone think of this earlier. This is a great idea because it actually rotates and all the stihl attachments there is no exposed steel for your birthday hit. So everything’s made out of polyethylene and it was around your upright post its attractive on the boat dock for one-and it is super easy to put on people didn’t even want the when they bought a pair of wham guards. They didn’t want the installation instructions. Cuz they’re, like i, know how to put these on. It’s obvious obvious something that is curious to me. You said:there’s no snowstihl attachments to the other boat dock rollers sub steel expose that sounds dangerous. The other steel brackets at the top and the bottom, and in between those steel brackets at the 6 in 6 ft long gas line pipe that is typically a bright neon yellow so that that’s the choice of color. You have his bright neon, yellow and sometimes they have black, but most the time it’s black, her bright neon, yellow on their boat dock rollers , but yeah they sell those bright neon, yellow boats that are on earth right, i, see a bunch of those  out on the light has no exposed steel. What happens when a boat hits that expose steel on the typical boat dock rollers , a boat typically is made out of fiberglass, so when it hits still I’m still, infiberglass aren’t friends and it can do significant damage to a boat, so those boat dock rollers , if you hit that top bracket or that bottom bracket, especially that bottom bracket it it’s exposed, especially if you have a a boat that has a big platform on it, if you’re backing into the slip or backing out of the slip. That platform can get hung up on that steel attachments, that’s at the bottom and  just think you’re going to the lake to have fun, and then you mess up your very expensive boat. So it’s either. You live with the the fiberglass damage and each time you go out there and see the damage to your boat and all your friends and family are making fun of you insane. You can’t drive a boat and all that, but it’s cuz of that steel attachment that’s inside your slip that is attached to a roller, that’s supposed to roll and protect youbut those boat dock rollers . On a lot of times, don’t work. The land guard address. That problem then have any steel brackets on it, and there’s a bushing that surrounds the upright post on your your boat dock. It’s a two-part bushing, Boat Dock Rollers so you put one part around half of the post and the other part around the other half of the post and you bolted together with the for small boats. And then you surround that bushing with a bumper, a two-part bumper that attaches also with 4 bolts, and then it rotates on that pushing around the post. So there’s nothing! There’s no metal attachments that attach to the post and then the roller attaches to the brackets. It’s all in one piece surrounding a very strong structure on the boat dock, which is that upright post, what are the winegard rotating leopards made of polyethylene and we’ve got mewe, got a choice of colors and I’m with got that black we got wine and we got blue red and orange. What colors can I get well the most common color that they have in stock if they’ve got them in stock is a gas line pipe that is bright, neon, yellow and sometimes it all have black that you can get by the way. I’m guard bumpers rotating members? Are they heavy other ones it? It depends on what model you yet but they’re going to wait at least 50 lb, so you’re trying to work with 50 lb. That’s a six-foot-long hanging over the water drop 50 pounds in the water. What happens if it sinks very fast? How about the wind guards float? So if you you mess up and or your wife comes by and kicks oneoff in the water and actually float singing center out there swimming to get it. If it floats off quickly sounds like a big advantage is that you can carry them they’re there. What lesson 10 pounds? How long does it take to install a winegard retain bumper takes about 6 minutes to install? That’s me installing on monday I’m, not very mechanically inclined. My fingers are kind of fumbly, sometimes, but thetypical do-it-yourselfer can can do it in at least 6 minutes. How long does it take to install the other rotating bumpers? Excuse me, the other rotating, no rotating boat dock rollers. The thing is, is carrying them down to your boat. Daca is a hassle, cuz they’re heavy, so it might take more than 20. Minutes. It helps to have two people on on that boat dock roller, but they’re all you need on a wham guard and rotating bumpers.

One person I don’t need to have somebody come install  them for me, know you can install on yourself and that that’s one thing I thought was important when I was trying to design and think about this. Is that then people can do it on their their own. They don’t have to have someone come out and install them form. Are they portable? They are portable. So if you’re in a marina-and you decide to move slips to get a bigger boat, smaller boat, whatever you buy your own place, these are easy to unattach and take you to take with you wherever you are on the lake. How many wham guard rotating bumpers to boat owners need typically route? We recommend to per post. So when you, the most important post to have them on, is when you entered the slip on that outside post on both sides, so putting two on each one of those post for give most boat owners enough protection to safely more their boat in the slip. How am I going to decide where to put the wind guard on my post? Will you find the widest part of your boat so measure from the water line up to the widest part of your boat? And typically that’s the rub:rail on your boat and then all you need to do is sit when you install the bushing on the post centre that up with that, why does part of your boat and then attach the bumpers around it? And so the winegard rotating bumper is 13 and 1/2 in tall, so you’ve got a pretty good area. There are strike point fruit for your boat if I have a pontoon or try tonight, I want to have at least two on each side. That’s right at least two. What about a v hole the same thing on a v whole, it’s recommended that you have two on each side. Has that expensive guard rotating bumper is significantly cheaper than than the other boat dock rollers out there, then, the other boat dock rollers out there for a pair of them, you’re looking at about $750 and then plus, if you have them, install them, and they can get quite expensive where, when guard rotating bumper for a set of them, each rotating bumper is $125. So for a pair of when you’re, looking at $250 that, to give you significant coverage and plus you can put them on yourself, purchase to installation to usage at sounds like we are working hard to make your dog a stress-free zone. That’s right! Don’t slam hard ghetto and garden