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Boat Dock Rollers | Don’t waste time, guard your boat

Alright, this is episode, number 10 for wham guard and we will be talking today about boat dock rollers and how the wind guard rotating bumper is a better alternative. I’m here today with west hamilton he’s the owner and creator of wham guardzilla, wes and I hear you’ve come today. After a very successful show in springfield missouri expo in springfield missouri, we had a great show launching the wam guard there in missouri in the like the wind guard better than the typical boat dock rollers that they’ve had as an option to this point they look great because they were specifically made for the marine industry and design, but it’s a novel idea. It actually spins on a post and all the attachments are hidden inside and there are no metal, partwhich, fiberglass and metal. Don’t they aren’t very good friends when they hit each other, so it there’s. No bearings on the inside of the bumper seems like old people always ask. How do you make it spin? There’s a bushing on the inside of the wind guard rotating bumper, but that bushing it’s a two-part bushing and it goes around the upright post that supports your roof on a boat dock I’m, so that bushing is the two-part bushing is put together around your typically a 2in. Upright post are two and a half inch upright post and you, both together with the four bolts use in a half to half inch. Wrench, is super easy there there about 6 ft long and they have metal attachments at the top and the bottom of that six foot. So in there pretty heavy and hard to handlethat’s the and you got to use typically I think they use at three quarter inch or a 9/16 in wrench to put it on as a renter. Do you need like a small army typical? You helps to have two people and that’s that’s one thing instantly that was interesting at the the lake like life expo there in springfield missouri was I would try to give the installation instructions to people for the winegard rotating bumper i. Don’t need that. I can put this on it’s self-explanatory. That’s very intuitive, it’s very intuitive how to put it on it’s a very simple:how many people does it take to install a winegard rotating number? It only takes one personso:are they heavy are not heavy to wingard rotating bumper weighs 10 lb and the other boat dock rollers I would say they way, probably about 50 lb of peace. How many tools do you need to install a wham garden? You need to tape measure. First, you need to make sure how wide your your post is. So your upright post on your boat dock is typically it’s going to be 2 inch or two and a half inch so make sure when you’re ordering a wham guard that you order the right size bushings. So you need a tape measure. Typically, small hammer helps to to get the bushing nice seated nicely against the upright post, and then all you need is a half inch wrench and a half inch socket and you’re ready to go installing one of those big of noxious rotateboondock, bumpers, boat dock rollers . Sounds like a lamb guards that are out there right now, mustard and I’m going to say they they’re also mustard color, but they need two people typically to install those up because they’re six foot long and it’s kind of hard to hold on the one in when I don’t have a wingspan of 6 ft i. Have you installed any of those rollers installed, hundreds of them over the years? So why don’t you like them deficiencies in their design and that always thought that there was a better way and that’s why I came up with the wind guard rotating bumper? What was the biggest deficiency in the design of current boat dock rollers ? Well, there’s a lot of steel exposed on the currentdock rollers in in those that still likes. It does doesn’t that fair, very well when your fiberglass boat hits at her? The steel does the fiberglass canoe boat doesn’t so I was always afraid that people would actually do more damage to their boat. With that boat dock roller, that’s out on the market, then, and what it was designed to do, which? What type of what would have you seen in terms of performance, then and even damage from those like i, said that those rollers are 6 ft tall and the impact point for most for most boats is around 32 to 36 in so you have a big long span in between the steel attachments and that doesn’t have any support and your boat is heading in actually the weakest part on that boat, dockeach time so overtime, it tends to shift the top bracket, the steel bracket one way and then the bottom bracket it the other way on that 6 foot, boat, dock roller coasters, all the leverage is working against itself, so they’re crooked, on the post and when they get hit good, they don’t actually roll. What’s the intended purpose is to eat to absorb in impact and then also rotate in and guide you and your slip safely, and these don’t do very good job for the old boat dock. Rollers. Don’t do a good job, but the wind card does one thing:i noticed when people would see the wind guard and actually see it spin. It was like an aha moment for them to let you see the light bulbs go off in their head, like oh wow, that really works people were, they were like wowthey instantly saw the the purpose and behind the design and that it actually worked, and they were like. Why didn’t someone think of this earlier, but I didn’t cuz, it did it. It took a lot of thought that to get it, but once you see it actually operate your like, that’s it.

So how long have you been thinking about this problem? How long did it take you to develop the rain guard? Well, I’ve been thinking about it for ever since I started in the business over 19 years ago, but when I had the original rotating idea that makes this all work was about 5 years ago Boat Dock Rollers about 5 years ago, and and it’s the design of the bushing which the bushing was the key, getting something something round to go around or to surround a square post that that was the challengeis, that there wasn’t anything out there and I sell boat, lifts, also boat, floater boat, lifts in and looking closely at. One of those gave me the the eureka moment that the solve the the riddle for me. So you mentioned that you need to see if you have a 2 inch or a two and a half inch post for those wind guards. What if you have a round post-and we also have a bushing that works on a round post, typically on that the round post they call it 2-inch pipe. But that’s the inside dimension is to as the outside dimension on that pipe is 2 and 3/8 in so we have a bushing that also works on round pipe 2 inch square tubing in two and a half inch square tubing and it rotates on there just as easily as it does on the square pipe and is also easy to installhow easy is it to install? Is it going to take me half a day? Typically, it takes me 6 minutes to install one time to be 6 months. Is the time to be late and i. Don’t think anyone would have problems doing it in less than 6 minutes I’m, not that mechanically inclined. If I can do it, anybody can do it well, one of the things that I remember you mentioning is that you wanted to make sure that I would be able to carry it and install it if necessary. So I’m, not sure what that says about me is the mark, but no the heck did that just says I hit. My goal was to make it as easy as possible for anybody to install it. Soeveryone can install the a rotating bumper or boat dock roller. Winegard rotating bumper fell into that. If you don’t even need instructions, that’s right! That’s right! Thanks, wes, don’t slam hard guard