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Boat Dock Rollers | Don’t Slam Hard

Just podcast number 14 for winegard and I’m teresa I’m here with west hamilton he’s the owner inventor and founder of lion, guard boat dock rollers that really work, and that would be the wind guard rotating bumper and rollers that really work. There’s other boat dock rollers that are out there right now, there’s other ones out there, a rhino boat dock boat and dock roller out there and then there’s the water they dock, making roli’s, there’s taylor made dock wheels, there’s a few other products out there and there’s that k&r post cushion so so there’s different products is your best choice. If you’re looking for a boat dock roller that reallyworks well over the years, I put many different products on boat docks to help. My customers also sell boat, floater, boat, lifts and people typically are getting a new boat and then they’re getting a boat, lift from mean they’re, always looking for ways to protect their boat when they’re bringing their their new boat in, to put it on the boat lift and in the past, I’ve I’ve used all these products. It just talked about, but I found all of them lacking. What are they lacking in the rhino boat dock rollers that they seem to always want to slip on the upright post, and then it also had their real heavy there about 6 ft long e sounds like it would be good, not in them this circumstances, cuz, it would make some heavy is all the steel that is on them. So steel and fiberglass boats don’t mixvery well so I never liked the steel components on the rhino duck, knock rollers, but in between that top and bottom there’s about 6 with a link, so you and they got a piece of 3 inch gas line, pipe, that’s yellow that extends between the metal bracket. So when the boat makes an impact, typically it’s in the middle. So it’s about at the 3-foot range and it wants to deform that the polyethylene gas line pipe in that area and once it’s deformed, it typically wants to move the brackets top and bottom in opposite directions. So you’ll see a lot of the rhino boat dock, rollers cricket out there on the lakes and once they’re crooked. They don’t roll anymore, so, basically that that that point they just make a good boat anchor. You have to keep readjustingthat, doesn’t sound like they actually protect your boat. No, not at that has the lamb car different guard. The way it works is there’s a two-part bushing that surrounds your upright post. It’s in the middle of the wind guard, it’s hidden from view, so the bushing surrounds the metal post and then a two-part to hemispherical bumper goes around that knit rotates on that bushing. So all of there is no steel exposed, except for tiny bolts with nuts that are recessed that your boat can’t get into. Unlike the rhino dock dock rollers or boat dock rollers, they don’t have any steel brackets on the wind guard, so it actually spins around the post, so it doesn’t have it. Roller that actually actually rolls and rotates when you make impact with itso. How is that better than a rhino roller, the rhino roll are oftentimes, doesn’t roll the one of the advantages? Also the wham guard? Is you don’t have the the gap in between the post in the roller, because the wam guard actually surrounds the post, where the the rhino boat dock roller is attached to the post, so you have a gap in between the roller and the post and oftentimes boats when they’re coming in the mouth of the boat can caught get caught in between the post and the roller? What’s? Yes, the roller is supposed to prevent you from hitting the dock, but it actually traps you in between the roller in the post and also the same when you’re exiting your boat dock slip, you can get the back of the boat hung up on the roller in between the doc so causing potential damage especially people who have swim platforms on the back of their doc or back of their boat. They don’t get hung up on the rhino boat dock rollers for now could actually end up damaging your boat. That’s an expensive way to wreck your boat, but we have an option to the winegard rotating bumper. What you can’t get caught in between the post and the roller, because the roller axillary actually surrounds the post yeah, we offer a mini different colors on the the wam guard, that we’ve got white, black, blue red and orange. So what was that a mini color options that your favorite team, whatever it might be, that we’ve got that color to at least get you started on? What are some of the favorite color in oklahomafavorite colors been black, but when we have sold a lot of orange, so the oklahoma state fans have definitely showed their preference. So far we sold a few red, but not near as many as the orange. Well, they bleed orange. So so, if I’m going to get a winegard rotating bumper and install it, is it hard to do you know it’s super easy and that that was one of the key considerations when I design that the wam guard rotating bumper is that my wife could install it. So is it’s very light. Each roller with the bushing in the all the nuts and bolts weighs less than 10 lb, so you can easily carry it down on your doc and all you need is a half inch wrench or a half inch socket, and you can there’s 8 nuts and bolts to tighten so it’ll, take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, just to clarify its noti, couldn’t figure out how to install the boat dock rollers, the rhino boat dock rollers, but it’s more because of the weight of the rollers and the time involved, plus it really the the rhino boat dock rollers.

One person could do it if they know what they’re doing, but it’s really a two-man job. One person can do it, but but remember the roller on it is 6 foot long so trying to handle something that that weighs the most women or short they’re, not as tall as some men. So if you got a long piece of gas line pipe and then you got heavy steel top and bottom and try to get everything lined up right and correctly and then clamp down and both of them. Yes, no, it’s heavy and it’s it’s awkward to carry soyou, know and I haven’t actually put it on a scale, but I would say it weighs at least 40 lb I’ve only seen online that these boat dock rollers called the rollies. But the one thing I noticed on the on their video is you got to drill a lot of holes and drilling holes on metal post? Doesn’t sound like a good idea right post on the dock, so it’s specially in the marine, isn’t even on your own personal doctor, a lot of these docs at the upright poster galvanized steel. So once you start drilling into galvanized steel, all it does is and buy crust to the environment or in my trusted the party to start deteriorating. Your doc’s oh, and also takes away the structural integrity ofdoc when you start drilling holes all over it. So many marina owners would prefer not to have holes drilled in there, they’re, very expensive, boat, docks and also private owners of the boat docks are very expensive and so on a wham guard. There is no drilling that you have to do versus these roll boat dock. Rollers, so when guard rotating bumpers are boat, dock rollers that really work, how can I get a pair will go to wingard. Com? You can also email us at info at wham guard.Com or you can always call us at 918-416-1600. How many colors do you have five colors of got red blue white, black and orange? So we can match any boat. We can match almost any boat, all right, rememberboat dock rollers that really really work. Don’t slam hard to get a ram guard