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Boat Dock Rollers | Bringing the Boom

Hi, this is podcast episode number 16 for wham guard, we’re going to be talking today about when guard boat dock rollers and how they can help you, if you are trying to dock a rather large boat in a rather small slip in a overstuffed, marina and I here today to talk about these winegard rotating bumpers. Is the boat dock roller aficionado west hamilton? Not only is he the owner of william guard, but he invented these little buggers hello come up with the idea for the wham guard rotating bumper. Well, I’ve noticed over the years how many deficiencies in the products they were out there cuz I’ve installed virtually all of them like thewhat. Are they called the taylor made dock wheels said that many of the people of saying these so just think about a wheel that is attached to the end of the slip that it bolts on just to the corner and these dock wheels, or maybe you know for in high, and they just typically just lag bolt them into your wood decking on the daca. If that’s what you have and there it is that your back wheel and protection, however, they work don’t work very well at all. How much do they cost? You know I’ve seen them online right now for about a hundred and seventy bucks, so you could just give me a hundred and seventy bucks. So that’s the same amount of protection cuz one good hit just think. It’s only covered about 4in area down there and then typically, it’s at the right at thedeck of the doc is where you install these. So typically, the widest part of your boat is higher than the deck so you’re going to hit the post of the doc before you hit this doc will and then, if you do hit that dock wheel, the attachment on it is so poorly designed that it typically just ripped off what it’s attached to them. When you hit it since I’ve been selling the guard rotating bumpers, which you know our boat dock rollers-that actually roll live, I witness this obsession people have with the corner of their doc and i. Would I would argue that, possibly once you install a wham guard rotating bumper, the corner becomes less of an issue. I mean if you’re in rough water. It’s always going to be an issue, but if you’re, actually installing the rotating bumper at the highest point of the boat, that’s automatically, as you run into that going to keep you off of the corner. Somewhat warm dayas I mentioned this boat dock roller, the wind guard rotating bumper. You can place it anywhere on the upright post and typically you want to place it where the the widest part of your boat is where it makes contact with that first, so you got the winegard rotating bumper sticking out into the inside of your slip, and then you got the widest part of your boat will when it makes contact with the wind guard. It’s not going to let the lower part just think of a v hull boat down by the deck that is a more narrow spot, so you’ve hit the winegard and it automatically keeps that lower part of your boat from getting into you know the corner of your. So, the so the winegard rotating bumper. You know it alleviates the need for corner bumper and in most cases of a pint in a kite and I mean i, guess, I could kind of see the need still for an extra protection on a corner bumper, but for those v hull boat boats, like you mentioned you just needed a up on the post and it’ll, keep you off that that corner and what type of boats d holes will the lamb gyro to remember work for you to leave work for cobalt chaparral, the four winns many different v hull boats out there and what? How many women guards are they going to need it to get the the boat dock roller protection, the wind guards are, are very there 13 and a half inch by 13 and a half inch hemisphere shapes a globe. Some people call them balls, so you can buy some, so you can play any word that you’re most likely to make contact with the 25-foot boat and larger you’re going to need two on each post. So to get real good coverage today to make sure you had 25 foot boat, what type of oil does b cobalt chaparral in the malibu ski nick, mastercraft, wakeboard, boats to surf boats, those type of boats, the wind guards have two on each post and you have plenty of coverage that to protect those very expensive boats. What has what type of boat dock rollers were were available in the past for folks to use? Many people say knows there about six foot tall and their that bright neon, yellow and that’s a gas line pipe, and it’s got the steel that attaches to the top in the bottom of the brackets, extend out from the boat dock post and often times if you got a swim platform on the back of your doc and you’re backing up out of a boat dock slip with the rhino rollers that that swim platform can get caught. Underneath there were, the steel bracket is on the bottom soak to fix contact with the fiberglass in the boat and right. There you’ve got an expensive repair to say the least well in those rollers they’re not cheap, to begin with a set of those typically cost $750 and plus. If you have someone install it yeah add at least another hundred $150 on to that they’re not easy to install. They can be tough to install cuz, just think, they’re, six foot long and also they’re, pretty heavy there just kind of hard to handle when it when something’s at all.

What about the lamb guards? How are they different down on your dock? All there is is 8 small boat bolts. All you need is a half inch wrench and a half inch socket and you can have one winegard installed and your 5 to 10 minutes and I say I’m 5 foot, 4 I could probably handle amguard i, don’t know if I could handle a rhino boat dock roller, though the wind guards arthur 18 and a half inches by 13 and a half inches i. Think you cannot carry that down in the easily handle that yourself. How many clams do you need to install one of those rhino boat dock rollers? They got clamps top and bottom, and sometimes like the rollies I’ve I’ve seen people using a bunch of clamps to hold those in place while online of them showing how easy it is installed. It the part that they leave out as the part that they had to put all the clamps on the rollies and how long that took to get that straight. How many people it took to get that thing lined up in there even smaller than the rhino boat dock rollers. But you got to use all these clamps to hold it onto your upright post minute smells like how long are those clamps take to put on then you got to get the your drill out and start drilling holes, and that’s one thing:i hate doing is drilling holes. That’s specially in the middle yeah on a boat dock. That’s moving around, so the holes aren’t straight so everything looks, looks bad work where the wind guard rotating bumper. It’s easy to line everything up and get straight and there is no drilling no heavy parts to carry and also if you drop something the way. I am guards float, handguard rotating bumpers, they float if they fall in the lake and they work their boat dock rollers that actually roll. How do I get a set, but you can get a set by going to winegard.Com. That’s wh am guard. Com. You can also email us at info at wham guard.Com and then give us a call at 918-416-1600 all right guard