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Boat Dock Rollers | Break all the rules

Alright, this is episode, number 11 for wham guard and-and we will be talking today about when guard and how it compares to other boat dock rollers I’m. Here today with west hamilton. He is the owner and founder and inventer of william guard rotating bumpers, but there’s some other products that they offer as well, so I’m going to start out with the rotating bumpers and then we’ll talk about some of the other applications for the bumpers and, first of all, how did you get the idea for the winegard rotating bumper? It’s pretty neat 20 years and over the years, I’ve seen many different products out there that the summer boat dock rollers some are post cushions and summer bumpers. So there’s many different options out there not been installed all of them and over the years, I also sell boat, floater, boat lifts and typically, when someone buys a boat, lift fromthey just purchased a brand new boat, so they’re very proud of that new boat and they’re proud of the left, and they don’t want anything to happen to this expensive investment they just made. So the stress level really goes up when it’s time to put the boat on that new left and I’m there, that customers in the boat they’re not familiar with driving the boat tip and bringing it into a sad 10 ft wide slip, and you got to eight and a half foot wide boat and it’s windy and rough and they’re trying to guide the boat in they are stressed out. I’m stressed out, nobody wants to run their boat damage it. So, over the years I’ve seen different products work not very well on protecting the boat, so I was always trying to think of a better way to help boat owners bring their boats. Inwhat do i. What can I do right? Customers always would ask wes what can I do to help me bring this boat into this slip? What was the shortcoming of the boat dock rollers that you have available on that you could install for them? Well, most typical doc standard will come with us up, post cushions and these post cushions are just flat and they go partly on the upright steel and they’re attached with the threaded self drilling screws. In one good whack on that, typically knocks those things off so they’re hanging and usually they do about as much damage as just hitting the steel post. So those don’t work work very well. Well, it is it wise to be drilling new holes in your steel posts whenever you drill through things and if my trust it specially in a marine andarmenta, you know you’re, surrounded by water and water and still and rust, rust happen. So you just speed up the process when you start drilling into steel. So when you install a winegard rotating bumper, you don’t have to drill any holes. There is no drilling with winegard rotating bumper, unlike post cushions that are out there. All you need is a half inch wrench in theirs at four bolts to tighten for the bushing and then that for bolts to tighten for the bumper that goes around the bushing, so no drilling are there any bearings any metal around. The rotating bumpers accept the small 5/16 bolts, which you’re not going to hit on impact, but everything else is made out of a polyethylene materialit’s, very durable in them, and looks great, also you’re, making me think about those big long, yellowish boat dock rollers . That could be pretty popular around grand like i, don’t know if they’re popular on other lakes, but don’t they work pretty good. Well, they have worked okay over the years and that’s the only thing that was out there. Besides those post cushions, they did a better job than the prescriptions, but they are very expensive and very heavy and hard to put on by one person, cuz they’re they’re six foot long and they have metal attachment heavy metal attachments at the top of that 6ft and then at the bottom near the the water line and in between it is a it’s either a 3in diameter pipe that pipe is gas line, oilfield pipe and that’s polyethylene and it’s yellow bright neon, yellow or it’s a 6-inch pipe. So, typically, a boat only hits in a small area when it’s entering the slip, it’s typically about 12in, really less than that. Usually you’re going to hit me about the same 6 in when you’re coming in, but those things are 6 ft long. So there is a lot of area that you never use on those boat, dock rollers and they’re super expensive and cuz you’re paying for that whole length. Well, it does the the pipe does it not surround the metal post or the medals only at the top in the bottom of that post of that puppy? That’s a good point. It doesn’t surround the the upright post on your docket patches to it. So just think you’ve got your upright post and then sticking so, let’s say 10 in out from that post. You have a 3 inch. Diameter 6 inch diameter gas line, pipe that 6 foot long, so there’s a gap in between your post and the roller with those boat, dock, rollers and boat. Sometimes, when they’re coming in and I did this with the customers boat, that i, unfortunately, was piloting a rough time, but I got in last time, the first and last time I ever drove a customer’s boat, but I got the bow of the boat, the very front of the boat caught in between the roller in the the post, the upright post on the dock and did significant damage to to the customers boat. That the course customer wasn’t happy, i, wasn’t happy and that I had to pay for so long to make the situation right.

But so the boats can get it actually did not protect the boat at all, because there’s a gap in between the roller and the post in the roller doesn’t actually roll. It’s just acts as almost a skid such as kind of it’s named ron, should be gas pipe skip bumper to bumper in another problem on that that I’ve noticed over the years with the gap between the post and the roller is when people are exiting the slip they’re backing out, they can get hung up in between the roller in that post. Also, and if you go around the lake, you will see many of these boat dock rollers at the top of the roller is going one way in the bottom of the rollers going the other way, because there’s so much leverage cuz you’ve got that six foot and unless they don’t, the boat is only hitting in a certain area. So it tends to make the attachments get out of line. So there’s a lot of out of line boat dock rollers out there on the light that actually surrounds the upright post in there are no still attachments or brackets on it. It’s a polyethylene bushing on a two-part bushing fits around and bolts together around that post and then that bushing is surrounded by a bumper. That’s attached with four bolts that are in set and your boat can’t get into those bolts in and it actually rotates on the post, so that rotation is important because it helps guide the boat into the slip or out of the slip. Is it equally as important for folks that, back in the backing out when they’re backing out, typically, people aren’t paying as much attention went when they’re wanting to get out on the lake? It’s get everybody in the boat, get the coolers on and and everybody jump in and get your life jackets on and they’re ready to go and get out on the lake and then you’re backing out in wham. You know they’re into the dock. The days already not run but become stressful in someone’s upset. The bug got messed up so and the wham guard with you positioned correctly, which it’s very easy to put position on the post you find out where the widest part of your boat is it, which is typically where the rub rail is and put the center of the winegard and where that is on your post. So when you’re backing out the widest part of your boat is going to hit that wham guard and rotate you out of the slip safely. That sounds like a guard works hard, making your dog a stress-free zone. So don’t slam hard guard