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This is podcast number for for wham guard. I got west here today, we’re going to talk about the WhamGuard Rotating bumpers which are boat dock rollers that really work.  I know WhamGuard rotating boat and dock bumper, and one of the things that you’ve said is important about, or difference and unique about the wham guard, rotating boat and dock bumper is that you can position it where you need protection. What does that mean? Zesting products out there like the rhino boat and dock rollers? It’s like someone’s, first name, ryan ryan ryan. Is there a dash and I know it sounds like you’re able to position the WhamGuard rotating Bumper, where you need the protection, you don’t have to have six feet of protection. Most people just need what most people they’re both will hit the dock in the same position. Every time you go out and look at the rhino boat and dock roller, and you can tell the impact marks I’m on there roller and typically it impacts from a boat hitting it. So typically, that range is about I thought really less than that about 6 in the same spot that every boat will hit. So the winegard is designed it’s it’s 13 and 1/2 in ms is the size of it and of course, you can put more when guards multiple when guard rotating boat and dock bumpers on your top to bottom. How long is the wam guard rotating voting., from top to bottom? It’s 13 and a half inch Boat Dock Rollers rotating boondock bumper, exactly where you need it exactly where you need it say:you’ll be able to tell where your boat comes in. All you need to do is find out where the widest spot is on your boat and measure from the water line. Up to that, then, why does part of your boat? Typically that’s going to be anywhere from 30 in is the 36 in, of course, depending on what type of boat you have, but if you’ve got a 25 foot, cobalt a Boat Dock Rollers wakeboard boat, a surf is it for pontoons and try to you can use it for pontoons in triton’s, and so you find out where the widest part of your boat is and that’s where you position the middle of the wind guard in that spot. So the position positioning, the middle of the wind guard, rotating boat and dock bumper is the there’s a bushing right that that means that you’re center right. That’s your center Boat Dock Rollers markham you’ll put the bushing with a retainer ring on that bushing you’ll. Put that at your that’s the center of the roller and that’s where you’ll want to put where your widest part of your boat is that’s. Where you’ll put that the retainer ring bushing and then you put the wham guard rotating boat and dock bumper to bumper portion of it around it, the shape of the winegard rotating it surrounds, shaper, spear and it’s. Why is it round? The strongest geometric shape is a round item like a round ball on a steel ball, bearings know it’s a cylinder in the rhino boat and dock roller is a cylinder, and typically there about 6 feet, high and 3 in in there all this bright neon, yellow because it neon yellow it’s gas line or ionic pillars are bright, neon yellow. Are they use gas on anything? So Boat Dock Rollers I mean it’s gas line piping. You only have that one color. Sometimes there there’s some black ones out there yeah and it’s got gas line riding on the the pike hole in gas line. Yes wow! So can we get some color options with the wind guard, rotating boat and dock bumper, many color options options? Do you have for when he’s got a beautiful blue blue goes with water, and a lot of boats have a blue boat of lamb guard rotate. All we’ve got a beautiful red red, boomer sooner or could be the razorback also on it, because we also offer or if I’m, just like, really playing consistent yeah. Well, we have white lion, guard rotating boat and dock bumpers, and we also have black for playing the black and white black and white that would blend. If you are a true fan, you can do black orange and white. Do I need 3 rotating well, it depends on the size of your boat. Of course, a larger boat is going to have more area that potentially could have problems running into the dock and multiple rollers will kind of rollers wham guard rotating button and yellow. Why would you want yellow ryan, o rollers wham guard rotating boat? Dock bumpers sounds like such a great option if you’re a boy, if you’re a sooner fan, you can do red and white jayhawk what colors do it for jay well for jayhawks kansas jayhawks we’ve got the blue winegard rotating boat and dock bumpers and they also have the red white, Boat Dock Rollers who is the arkansas razorback owner, and you need some boat slip, protection, the wam guard, rotating boat and dock bumper? You could do red and black and black look great. Yes, we have red and white for them. Also, so, in the end of tennessee volunteers I mean we could get crazy, we got so many colors looks great. It looks right and it was specifically designed for the marine industry, so I’m going to take some consideration that the quality products and its quality custom molded for now a premium item that that’s affordable. So it looks great looks great when guard rotating boating dock bumpers, look great they’re easy to install I’m better than the rock idaho boat and dock roller, and in one of the things on the rhino boat and dock roller is don’t have any color options, it’s either a neon yellow or they have started. Making a few blacks, but I think it’s kind of hard for them to get that product, because it’s used for other things, I’m work.

Now the wind guard rotating boat and dock bumper was specifically made for the marine industry, so the spherical shape of the wam guard, boat and dock bumper. So I know they look great with a sphere for the winegard rotating. Will the spear shape is the strongest geometric shape out there, so it deflects the impact more time if your boat happens to hit the the wind guard, rotating boat and dock bumper Boat Dock Rollers rotates nightwear other like the rhino boat and dock roller, and it doesn’t really roll. That Boat Dock Rollers would be bad for your boat, very bad for you. But then in fiberglass, damage on a boat is very expensive to repair and plus another thing it does I mean if you got a damaged, bow and you’ve got all your friends making fun of me because he’s messed up your boat and doesn’t make your wife happy. The kids aren’t happy and you don’t get to spend time on the lake because you’re getting your boat, your boats in the shop, the fiberglass guy, who will take forever to finish it. So if you get a winegard you’ll protect your boat, don’t slam fire getaway! Don’t slam hard, get a wham guard class thanks