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Boat Dock Rollers | WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers

Transcript for WhamGuard:

Hi, this is podcast number 17 for WhamGuard. Going to be talking about WhamGuard rotating bumpers and they are boat dock rollers that actually work. I’m Here today, with wes hamilton, he is the owner founder inventor and chief operating officer. He does everything, but he seems to have WhamGuard rotating bumpers and one of the things that weigh in carrboro taking members are really good at or creating stress, free zones. Because you know a lot of people are looking for boat dock rollers, but the the big secret about most boat dock rollers. Are they don’t really roll actually roll? They might roll the first time they’re on like false advertisement. They intend in the role, but they they typically don’t. Roll at all., that’s right, yeah, but the WhamGuard rotating boat dock rollers, actually roll, and so they help guide you into the slip as you making packed with them. That intention to I mean if you intend for something to roll and you advertise it as a boat dock of roller. Wouldn’t you reasonably assume that it will roll? Yes, that would be a reasonable or something has been your experience with rhino boat dock rollers?  Is there truth in their advertising? Well, it it’s hard to get the the white rhino boat Dock rollers, set up correctly into stay, set up correctly, because one of the things they’ve got a six-foot-long roller on their typical model and it’s got a 3 inch diameter pipe for a 6 inch diameter pipe. That is actually gas line pipe and in the door at the top of that pipe. There’s a a galvanized heavy bracket that extends out from the boat dock post and then at the bottom. There is another heavy galvanized steel bracket that extends out to the post so that the roller has to line up with both of those brackets extended between two metal brackets. That’s right! How does it rolls that I’m bearing, but if i, don’t understand how that’s going to roll there’s no bearings, but there is at a type of axle top bottom on those rollers, but the problem is if he wants to sit down on the bottom of that. Roller is in there at the bottom, and you’ve got the water in the water splashing up and it gets slimy and everything else and credit corroded and then typically, once the the rollers been impacted. A few times by about the top bracket will go. One way in the bottom bracket will go another way. So there you got your roller in between at an angle and I’ve got pictures from all over the like. What’s the the boats make contact with him that the rollers get out of the line, and then they don’t actually roll anymore? So at that and the best case scenario you’re going to drop about what 700 $750 for these old-fashioned boat dock rollers and you’re going to end up with getting about three uses out of them before they turn into a boat anchors. They don’t have to turn into boat boat anchor at that point, but but you want to throw them in the back after you adjust them quite a few times after making in impact with him, cuz yeah I give you got to loosen back up the bolts on the brackets line, everything back up and then you’re here so I’m stressed out trying not to hit him cuz. If you don’t want to read just thing so typically after people hit him a few times and read just them, they just quit messing with them at that time. That’s when it’s time to become a boat anchor and go ahead and get you a WhamGuard yeah they just kiss that $800 goodbye. So when they get a guard, they get a rotating bumper. So it’s one:it’s a bumper that rotates and two it’s a boat dock roller that actually delivers on its promise to actually roll the WhamGuard rotating bumpers surrounds the boat dock post, so it completely envelops the pose so there’s no gap in between the roller and the bracket and the host, because it’s all one with the lamb guard. So so what that does is when your boat comes in, it makes contact with the lamb guard and it actually rotates and guides you safely into the slip wear with the other boat dock rollers out there. It’s got the roller separated from the boat dock post, so there’s a gap in between there and I’ve. Seen and I’ve done it myself. I brought them for boat and I’ve gotten. The boat hung up in between the roller in the dock and it actually does more damage to the boat that way because it can’t get out so and it’s specially on the big boats with swim platforms on a map. Even. The whiteboard boats out there that the malibus the scheme, the teks, the master crafts when you’re backing out and especially the wakeboard boats, are hard to control in the steer at slow speeds. You can drift over to the side of the doc. Well, you hit the roller wrong and it rolls you into the doctor in between the space of the upright post, in your roller and in doing damage to your boat. Wear with the wind guard. That can’t happen. Boat Dock Rollers All the post in the bumper are one, but the bumper surrounds that post, and so it it takes away the the possibility of hitting the post something about the rhino boat dock rollers that they actually attached to the post and then kind of stick out into this slip. So if you’ve got a boat, that’s a really tight fit how’s that going to affect yeah it. Doesn’t it doesn’t give you much much room for air cuz.

WhamGuard Rotating Bumpers are Better Boat Dock Rollers

They can stick quite a ways out in there and that’s another thing with them. Sticking so far out into the slip. The weight of the boat wants to push on on the the noah’s boat dock. Boat Dock Rollers and then it moves them out of position at that point and when they’re out of position, it’s not going to pack protect your your boaters effectively. Things like lined up on almost every post on the docking of the put like 4 or 5 sets of these things in there, and is it I mean? Is that really necessary, with a WhamGuard rotating bumper, the most important areas when you’re bringing the the the boat initially into the slip so having a couple of wham guards where you enter the slip with your boat? Is the most effective but offer often times with a wakeboard boats such as the malibu and the skiing, the teks, the super air nautique stew, mastercrafts, bringing the rollers on into the interior post also does help protect the boats and also with big cruisers. Putting more wham guards on the interior. Upright post is beneficial to protect their they’re very expensive boats. How many yards would you need to install before you got to the price of one set of rhino boat dock rollers? Sometimes my math isn’t very good, but you could definitely install two sets of wham guards are in my mouth says three sets. Well, that’s right, it’s better than mine that you can install three sets of wham guards for the price of one set of rhino boat dock rollers resets for the price of one and they actually deliver as advertised their boat dock rollers. They are rotating bumpers, both april and they bomb. You can smash into him that that’s another thing that the special shape of the winegard it’s a spiracle shape, which is a geometrically, very strong shape, and also it has an arch in it. So if you’ve noticed and ancient roman architecture, they use darts to support tremendous amount of weight, I’ve actually seen you take a sledgehammer to it, impacts of the wam guards really hold up for I’m waiting waiting for the video of you to drive over it. With your truck, that’s going to be soon I need to get that done. Also got many different. Colors were the black. We got white with got the red blue and orange, so you have color options with the other boat dock. Rollers, so you basically got neon yellow when I have seen some black ones out there, but not very many. So wham guard rotating bumpers are boat dock rollers that actually work they roll, they rotate. How can I get one.Com and also info at wham guard.Com, just send us an email and we’ll make sure you get them. Also call us at 918-416-1600 I get a winegard